Walking in Boldness 

“BUT God…. the last time I tried to talk to her she called me weird… I can’t go over there again.” “Just trust me..” was His gentle whisper. 
To follow God means to be stretched beyond your comfort zone. & goodness gracious was He calling me out onto the waves. 

I’ve always been an introvert. I love to talk & be around people, but I struggle often with my “comfort zone.” I don’t like drawing attention to myself by being super enthusiastic around people I’m not comfortable with. It’s always been a struggle to walk up to people I don’t know & try to talk. 

I’ve done it many times before, but often I was ignored or people simply walked away. 

Here I was in a similar instance. 
I was sitting alone again at youth service (which was normal for me) when I noticed a girl sitting by herself too. I wanted to walk over & talk to her, but fear & shame attacked me. “She won’t like you. You’ll be ignored again. You’ll look dumb.” 
This is the part of my story where a test became a testimony. 

I chose to be fearless & unashamed & walk in the boldness my JESUS filled my heart with. The same boldness that pushed me to leave everything behind to follow Him. 
I sat by this sweet girl I am so blessed to call a dear friend of mine. After sitting with her in several services… I was led to write her a letter of encouragement & signed it “your friend”… she came up to me and said genuinely “I loved my card. Especially the part where you called me your friend. I am so thankful I have a friend now.” But this wasn’t the end…. a few weeks later, I received a card on national friendship day from her. It read “Thank you for sitting by me when no one else would.” 
This one BOLD step of faith & act of obedience turned into a blessing for my future. 

Not only do I now have a dear friend/sister in Christ… I keep that card in my Bible to remind me to reach out to each person I see & make the most of every opportunity. It’s not easy… no sometimes I fail & choose not to walk in boldness… but day by day, person by person, circumstance by circumstance, God is strengthening me into a bold warrior for Him. 

He is strengthening you into a bold warrior too, sweet friend. Trust Him in the process. Your test will one day be a testimony. 🙂 


9 thoughts on “Walking in Boldness 

  1. I am the exact same way, and I, too, have experienced the LORD prodding me to go up and talk to people especially those individuals that are usually overlooked. The ones who look lonely. I am so encouraged by your story of how God has used you when you listen to him and were bold even though it is so hard.

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    1. Same! I always feel like if someone is sitting alone, or being ignored by the others, that I should be a Godly witness and go be kind to them. It is still a struggle for me, to realize that it’s not about me, it’s about being a good example of God’s love to the other person.

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  2. So good, Rose. I struggle with this allll the time. I’m shy and not someone who can just go up to a person and talk. I usually can’t think of things to talk about either. 😦
    Thanks for sharing your testimony and encouraging us to he bold for Christ! ♡

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  3. Hello, Rose!
    I just discovered your blog, and am so happy I did. What a sweet testimony you have!! I am a pretty outgoing person, but a lot of people don’t realize that even for us “extroverted, outgoing people”, it can still be a HUGE struggle sometimes to obey the Holy Spirit and walk into a situation with the intent to be a blessing or a witness to someone. So you are definitely not alone!! 🙂 Thanks for your beautiful words, I am definitely going to follow your blog. ❤ I would be honored if you would check mine out when you get a chance! Have a lovely day! Your sister in Christ,

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    1. Hi there!! Oooh, hank you so much for your encouraging words… they were such a blessing to my day!! 🙂 I am so blessed to grow in Christ with you… & I am so excited to see God’s plans for your life! Love + prayers, Abby Rose ❤


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