Thursday Adventures 

Our Thursday morning started off with scavenger hunts & nature crafts. 

One sweet moment during the scavenger hunt, my eleven year old brother, Drummer (his name isn’t really drummer, he just wanted to be called that 😉 made me grin super big. We were looking for “something beautiful” and he said “You, Abby!”. *cue the tears*… he then grabbed a flower & handed it to me saying, “this is for you.” What a gentlemen he is. 

We then made leaf prints…. the detailed design of each flower is seen & the beauty of our creator is so beautiful. 

Next up, we made words out of things in nature. I think they did a spectacular job 😉 

my youngest brother, age 3 ~ spelling “mat” out of things in nature

drummer spelling “and” out of things in nature

This was an unforgettable morning filled with sunshine, laughter, & beautiful moments of investing into the two boys I am blessed to call my brothers. I pray, even in the busyness of life, you find time to invest into those around you & simply spend time with those you love. Fill your heart with the one who is love… & He will constantly overflow you with love that changes lives. Only through Jesus, can we love & live loved! 🙂 Have a blessed day! ~ Rose 


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