» About. 

H e l l o, friend! I am SO excited you are here! <<
Thanks for stopping by Truly Beautiful & taking time to read about this ministry & the girl behind the keyboard. I am truly humbled + blessed you are here & pray that through every word God gives me to write, He is glorified.

» about me: My name is Abby Rose & I’m a sixteen year old junior in high school. My best friend is Jesus & in Him alone, i find my joy + purpose. I play violin & love to sing, read, write, journal, be with family & friends, laugh, learn, garden, dance in the sunshine + in the rain & share about God’s faithfulness in my every day life. writing letters is a passion of mine & i LOVE visiting the mountains + picking wildflowers from the fields on the ranch I live on.
» a little bit about the ministry: I started Truly Beautiful to encourage young ladies to become { truly beautiful } in Christ. God purposefully handcrafted each & every single girl uniquely with love & in Him, not only are we beautiful on the outside, but because He lives in us & works through us, we can become radiantly beautiful from the inside out. By surrendering your whole life to Him, he can make you truly beautiful. 
» why i write: I never claim to know it all or have all the answers & if I did, I wouldn’t be telling the truth. Because friends, the truth is I am constantly failing….but His grace & strength is sufficient for me. & when words fail me, His love is enough to calm the raging storm inside my heart, even when the storms around me rage. Why do I write? I simply write for the God who gives me words, so He can be glorified. 

Now that you know a little about me & what God is doing in my life, I’d love to hear about you! Feel free to comment any time & share about what God has been teaching you. I love meeting new people! 

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for reading, thanks for allowing me to encourage you in any way I can, thanks for being a part of my story. 

Live loved, sweet friends. You are beautiful. 

* hugs & prayers * 

            Abby Rose  ❤︎
~ God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved. {Psalm 46:5} ~ 


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