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H e l l o, friend! I am SO excited you are here!
Thanks for stopping by Truly Beautiful & taking time to read about this ministry & the girl behind the blog. I am truly humbled + blessed you are here & pray that through every word God gives me to write, He is glorified.

» about me: … I’m Abby Rose! 18 year old blogger, letter writer, sunrise chaser & author of the book “A Letter For The One”. I play worship violin & love to lead worship, write songs, read, journal, be with family & friends, laugh, hike, learn new things, meet new people, explore & share about God’s faithfulness in my every day life.

~ d e t a i l s | I LOVE little details! I am constantly in awe of God & how He takes care of even the smallest things we sometimes don’t take time to notice.

~ h u g s | I love when someone gives me a really big hug…. it makes me feel special and cared for and wanted. Hugs really mean a lot to me. ♡

~ t e a | I love to try & experiment by drinking all kinds of teas. Sweet teas, herbal teas, green teas, black teas… I’m usually drinking a brand new flavor!

~ m o r n i n g s | There is just something special about waking up an hour earlier to live an hour more. I love sunrises & the start of something brand new! New morning? New mercies.

~ h e a l t h y f o o d s | One of my favorite things to do is to go grocery shopping for healthy meals, meal plan & discover new things that are good for my body.

~ s t a r s | There is nothing quite like the night sky & twinkling stars! I can never get enough of God’s perfect handiwork on display for us to see. ☆☆

~ p i c n i c s | AHHH, one of my favorites!! Life is just better when you can eat yummy food on a blanket in the grass with a friend!

If you want to see a closer peak into my life through videos, I share vlogs, encouragment, worship sessions & original songs over at my YouTube channel, Dear Abby Rose.

If I’m not outside picking flowers or exploring, you can usually find me doing anything with a paper and pen. I love writing anything from blogs, letters, captions, quotes, poetry, newsletters, magazine articles… I basically have a notebook for every open tab in my brain. (That’s a lot of notebooks and a lot of tabs.)

• If you are trying to win my heart, you must (1.) send me flowers and (2.) write me love letters. Jesus already has my heart because He has done both. 😉

• I am extremely allergic to cats.

• My favorite flowers are sunflowers and zinnias + baby’s breath come in a close second.

• I am gluten intolerant.

• My favorite colors are the pastel shades of yellow, pink, blue and green. Yellow is my most favorite, though.

• Pizza is my favorite food. (Which is sad because I can’t have wheat, haha!)

• I basically only wear dresses, but I’m not complaining because I LOVE them! I also really love wearing hats in the winter. & autumn colored clothes just make my heart so happy.

• I am considered an “ambivert”. I am an extroverted introvert. 😉

• My favorite book of the Bible is Psalms. Or Isaiah. Or basically every one. Do I have to choose just one?

I am currently attending a Christian college with my chosen major as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

» a little bit about Truly Beautiful Ministries: I started Truly Beautiful to encourage young ladies to become { truly beautiful } in Christ. God has purposefully handcrafted each & every girl uniquely with love. & on this journey in Him, not only are we beautiful on the outside, but because He lives in us & works through us, we can become radiantly beautiful from the inside out. By surrendering your whole life to Him, he can make you truly beautiful.

» why i write: I write for the God who gives me words, so He can be glorified.

I pray this ministry is a place where you know Him more. May you leave with an encouraged soul and heart led closer to God.

» a little bit about my ministry, Lovely Letters: Lovely Letters Ministry is a ministry that sends letters of encouragement to people all over the world. Starting as a simple passion of writing letters, God grew this ministry beyond the borders I set for myself & truly proved that His plans are always better than my own. Currently, at 500 people, Lovely Letters Ministry continues to allow me to meet beautiful people from all around the world & hopefully bless & love on people by doing something I am so very passionate about: writing letters.

» a little bit about my book, A Letter For The One: I’ve heard (& felt) your stories. I read your letters, your emails, your messages. & I believed in more than just a period after that hard chapter. I saw purpose in every single painful experience. This isn’t a period, it’s a comma. This book is filled with letters to YOU. Thank you for sharing your stories with me and allowing me to pen the words God gave me to write for you, & then ultimately, share those words with the world in book form.

» a little bit about Seeking Over Social media ministry: A ministry started by my dear friend Abigail & I, Seeking Over Social Media was started in January of 2018, when we (Abigail and I) decided to set aside a week out of each month to delete social media and truly seek the Lord. In February, we invited friends on Instagram to join, and ended up with over 40 girls joining us. Then in March, we had over 80 girls. It was absolutely incredible to hear testimony after testimony of how much of a difference seeking the Lord over social media made in the lives of others.

> OUR MISSION: We want to share our journey of seeking the Lord and the reward + joy that comes in this AND encourage YOU to join us! You can contact us to join the next social media break through email (trulybeautifulministries@gmail.com) or preferably, our Instagram page : thesunflowergals.

Now that you know a little about me, my passions, ministries & what God is doing in my life, I’d love to hear about you! Feel free to comment anytime & share about what God has been teaching you. I love meeting new people!

>>> I’d love to connect with you on social media, as well!

– Instagram: @dear.abby.rose

– Facebook: Abby Rose Nichols

– Pinterest: Abby Rose Nichols

– Twitter: @dearabbyroses

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for reading, thanks for allowing me to encourage you in any way I can, thanks for being a part of my story.

Live loved, sweet friends.

You are never ever alone.

God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved. {Psalm 46:5} ~

……she shall not be afraid: her heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD. [ Psalm 112:7 ]

19 thoughts on “» About. 

  1. This is a really neat blog! This is the first time I’ve been here and I’ve already seen so many things that speak to my heart.
    Is there a way to subscribe? I couldn’t find any way.
    I’ve started blogging recently so I’ve just now kind of gotten into the whole ‘blog world’. This is definitely a favorite so far.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Btw i saw you said you were trying to figure out how to add a subscription button. I finally figured it out myself 1- you can either add a follow widget in your customization settings. or 2- get a third party email newsletter service. i did the second option but if you have a free site and can’t use plugins, use tinyletter cause you just put a link instead of embedding a code . I learned you can’t embed a code without a plugin. an you have to have a business plan to use plugins


  3. Abby, I have been looking over your blog and I love you goal and your desire to encourage other teenagers! I’m in my 20s now but my husband and I work with college students and high schoolers and have a huge passion for discipleship! My blog is also for the purpose of encouraging teens and young adults. When I was a teenager I did not have a community like this so I truly appreciate your heart and desire to glorify God and share with others!

    Liked by 1 person

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