Just Keep Traveling & Trusting 

Journeys can sometimes be messy. Hard. Frustrating. Bumpy. Overwhelming. Confusing. But that’s simply what a journey is like – an adventure. When things get tough, we don’t leave our guide, we trust Him knowing he knows where to lead & guide us. Trusting He knows what’s best. Trusting Him for protection. 

You are the traveler. God is the guide. This journey is life. 

Life is hard. Life is tough. Things will not make sense sometimes. But how could we ever trust God, if there wasn’t hard times? 

When the world around you shakes, hold on to your unshakable God. 

I don’t know what hard journey or season of life you are in now… maybe you feel alone, maybe you’re struggling with a secret sin, maybe your parents are getting a divorce… but here’s the amazing part… we all have the same guide. We are in this together. 

Keep your eye on the goal, sweet friend. He will never leave nor forsake you. He has a plan for your journey. Just simply… trust the guide. 


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