To My Unknown Future. // A Letter To The Girl Heading Into Unknowns.

Hi, I’m Abby Rose and I have absolutely NO idea what I’m going to do with my life. If you’re having a conversation with me, don’t ask me what I want to do in the future or where I’m going to college because I’m probably going to reply, “ughmmm, I don’t know. But I’m praying about it!” And give you a painful smile because I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M GOING TO DO. And then there’s that thing…. when I was in junior high I thought “WOW, all those girls in high school are OLD. It’s gonna be forever till I get there.” (Hint #1, it actually DOESN’T take forever to get to Highschool. Hint #2, I’m apparently now “old” to every person in junior high…. EEK.) Honestly, though? What am I supposed to do?! This is my LAST year of Highschool. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life. And there’s that….. Oh look I’m rambling.

But then there’s another side to the story, isn’t there? A side that says, “yeah, you don’t know daughter, but I do! & these plans are greater than you could ever imagine.” So how do I get from the “right-here-right-now” to the “GOOD PLANS”?

I enjoy every step of the way till I cross this bridge.

I won’t always not know what to do with my life. I won’t always be a senior in high school. I won’t always be able to do the things I’m doing right now, but why let worry and stress keep me from the joy God has created me to experience, right now.

He is painting promises in rainbow colors over the fears in your soul. Over all these unknowns, HE knows. & He promises they all work together for His good.

Moses was about to walk into unknowns when God called him to step into the palace to fight for his people. But just as God called him, God equipped Him.

You have everything you need in this season of life. { Philippians 4:19 }

His promises are being sprinkled onto every step of the path leading to Him. You’re never alone. Keep going. The season ahead holds so many beautiful things you were created to experience and live to the fullest for His glory.

Excerpts from A Letter For The One:

{{ A Letter For The One walking into a brand new season of life. May you find peace in knowing He is here: you have no reason to fear. }}

:: As you enter this season

And your feet pat against the ground

May the sound of you walking

Create a beautiful sound

For this next season you will walk

You do not walk alone

For the one who walks with you,

Will never let go.

Duet 31:8.

{{ A Letter For The One who is looking back on all God has done, with a thankful and overflowing heart. She knows He who started the beauty of the work in her will bring it to completion.

:: Because of Jesus,

Her soul is not dead like winter,

It is alive in who He has made her to be,

And she knows no matter what tomorrow holds,

The maker of the stars holds her tomorrow and she has no reason to fear,

For He is walking with her and singing a melody of grace in every season’s change,

Creating a beautiful and perfect harmony.

Phil. 1:6

{{ A Letter For The One overcoming her fears, all because of perfect love.

:: He grabbed her hand,

And led her to a place where she trod on all her fears,

She had walked in the valley too long,

But the shadow of death did not own her soul,

She has been bought with a price

That no money can buy

She has been won for in a dark battle

That waged against her difference-making soul

She now lives free from the lies whispered inside her head,

Because perfect love is walking with her,

Every single, beautiful step of the way,

Make her fears a place where she came to know Him more.

1 John 4:18

{{ A Letter For The One who is learning to dance with Jesus and allow Him to take the lead. His love is her song.

:: Day by day,

She is learning to embrace,

A new kind of dance,

That teaches her to let go

And let Him guide her every move,

She will dance on top of all of her fears,

And the brokenness she once knew,

Because just like a Knight in Shining Armor,

The Prince of Peace came to her rescue.

Psalm 46:5

{{ A Letter For The One fearing the future. Let His beautiful light shine on all your fears.

:: As the stars shine up above,

So does His love shine on her life,

She is held and stilled by His presence,

Even in the darkest night

There is no room in her heart to fear, what the days ahead may hold,

For her heart is already dwelling on the promises of God she knows.

Prov. 31:25

Need some extra encouragement for peace and faith in unknowns? Here’s an original song I wrote to encourage you during this time!


8 thoughts on “To My Unknown Future. // A Letter To The Girl Heading Into Unknowns.

  1. Thank you So much for writing and posting this!!! As someone who has come to saying that I have no plans for my life, when people ask i want to start quoting the verse from proverbs “man plans his way but the Lord directs his steps”. But yeah I have had a hard time with that in the last year since I accidentally, but then purposefully chose to, graduate as a junior, with no plans and no clue that I was going to be d0me in Dec. And truly a GRADUATE in June. It was CRAZY!

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  2. I have no idea what I’m going to do in my future! What I want to do for a job or where I want to live! Sometimes it’s scary but then I just remember that I’m a kid and I don’t need to think about that stuff for a couple of years 😆😅… What year of school are you in?

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