» Lovely Letters Ministry. 

Lovely Letters Ministry is a ministry started by Abby Rose where once every quarter, letters are sent out filled with scriptures, encouragement, stickers & FUN little things to bring joy to anyone who wants one.

To sign up, head on over to Lovely Letters page & read about the ministry + how to join.


» Why did you start Lovely Letters Ministry? 

I began Lovely Letters ministry as a way to spread joy & encouragement in a unique & original way to girls all over the U.S. There is death & life in the power of the tongue, & I want to speak LIFE into each person who receives a letter! It is truly one of the most humbling honors to write each person a letter & I genuinely am SO thankful God laid this ministry on my heart!

» Can guys be apart of this ministry too?

YES! If you are a guy & would like to receive a letter, that is totally awesome! I currently write several young men across the U.S. (if you are a guy, of course you won’t receive cute little scrapbook pages or stickers, but i will include a handwritten note & a scripture 😉 ) 

» How do you pay for all of the supplies? 

WOOOOWWWW is basically all I can say to God at most times. The ways He provides for this ministry is unreal. That is one of the most beautiful parts of being a part of this ministry, is watching how God provides in even the smallest ways. I do pay out of pocket with money I get from different jobs or Christmas/Birthday money. My parents will often help me if I need certain supplies & God has also laid it on people’s hearts to send in donations which have been SUCH BLESSINGS.

» Where do you find all of the cute things you send in letters? 

Tuesday Morning is currently the only store I have found that has extremely cute things with great prices! I also love to shop at Hobby Lobby. ❤

» Can I donate things to Lovely Letters Ministry?

If you feel God lay it on your heart, YES! Absolutely! It would be such a blessing. Here are a list of supplies that are needed to continue Lovely Letters & sending any of these would be SUCH a blessing!

• letters/envelopes

• clear tape

• washi tape

• markers/pens

• cute little things to put in letters

• scrapbook pages

• handwritten calligraphy/verse cards

• stickers

• mailing stamps