Spring Bouquet.

Hello sweet friends,

Today I wanted to share a fun little project I did recently. Many of us are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are looking for something to do. All of the materials I used were items I had at home, so hopefully you have the materials to do this project at home, too! Don’t be afraid to improvise if you don’t have certain items.

~ Spring Bouquet ~

Items used:

⁃ Wildflowers (any kind you want to use or can find outside!)

⁃ Brown paper bag

⁃ Scissors

⁃ Tape

⁃ Stamps + stamp pad (you choose which kind, but I recommend letter stamps! You can also draw or write your tag if you don’t have any stamps.)

⁃ Twine

⁃ Paper hole punch

To start off, go outside and find some wildflowers! My little brother joined me on this mission & we had a blast.

After you’ve collected the wildflowers you want to use, cut your brown paper bag until you have a square big enough to extend from the sides of your bouquet. (It’s better to have too big of a square and have to cut, than not enough and have to add.)

The next part is totally up to you on how you design your bouquets frame. I will include a picture below of what mine turned out like, but feel free to position your brown paper around your bouquet in whatever way makes you happiest.

After you’ve positioned your paper bag and taped it to your liking, take the rest of the pieces of brown paper that you didn’t use. (You can also use scrapbook paper for this part.) Cut a square to the size you prefer and decorate it however you choose. You can use this tag to address it to someone if you plan on giving it as a gift or you can put your favorite quote or your name on it.

Next, take your twine (or ribbon or yarn) and wrap it around your bouquet. You can tie it tight or leave it hanging loosely. (Feel free to tape the twine to the back it it’s falling off.) Take your tag and put a hole punch in the top corner. (Either side.) String your twine through the tag and secure the tag by tying the two ends of the twine in a knot.


If you do this project, I’d love to see it! Please email me pictures, comment below, or tag me in a picture on Instagram (@dear.abby.rose).

Thanks for reading and happy spring crafting!

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