Interview with Georgia Brown / Social Media, Sunflowers, Faith, and Friends!

A few years ago I connected with Georgia Brown on social media. I was immediately inspired by her passion for life and love for Jesus + others.

Today I have the beautiful privilege of sharing an interview with this one of a kind soul! I pray you are as inspired by her as I am.

Hi Miss Georgia Brown! I’m so excited to get to share about you and your sweet life on my blog today.

To start off, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi Ya’ll! My name is Georgia Brown and I am so honored to know THE Abby Rose.  I am beyond giddy to be writing on her blog:) And I’m so pumped to tell y’all what Gods been doing in my life!!! Following Him is the BEST adventure a girl could dream of. Every day I’m learning and loving Him more. In my current season, I am a junior in college at Middle Tennessee State University! (A school right outside of Nashville!) Before college, I have never moved… my family still lives in the same house I grew up in! Now I’m 9.5 hours away from home to studying Songwriting. With each new day, I love being here more than the last. I truly know this is right where God needs me in this season. 

Tell us a little about your podcast Faith and Friends and how God laid that idea on your heart?

Last December I launched a Podcast! “FAITH & FRIENDS.” & wow it’s so much fun. To be able to sit down and have an honest conversation with a friend, new or old is refreshing and inspiring. The fact that we can talk, have a mic close by, and record what Gods laid on our hearts is something I would have never thought He would be doing through me! But I’m so thankful for this opportunity and platform to share His love:) I’ve always been a talker, so the fact that God is showing me that my voice can be used for more than just singing a song, has inspired me. His love is endless, and He will use every part of us if we let Him in. On Faith and Friends we have talked about everything from singleness, to community, to being where our feet are! & theres so much to come! 🙂 You can subscribe and listen on Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts! 🙂 

Can you share how you are intentional to make Jesus a priority throughout your day?

Making Jesus your sole priority throughout your day is the foundation to a fruitful life. To make Him the priority takes sacrifice. & sometimes that sacrifice is not getting a little more sleep. But God is so funny. I’ve grown to love the mornings. Waking up before the sun, grabbing a hot cup of coffee and opening His life-breathing word awakens my soul to a new start. It’s a new day! I ask the Lord daily to quiet my flesh, and allow my soul to sing His song through my actions, my thoughts, words, & deeds. Praying over my worries, conversations, and classes allows Him into have every part of my heart. God is so good at being patient and kind towards his children. He’s a true gentleman.  He waits at the door and knocks. We have to open the door for Him, and ask Him in:) This is what I do in my morning time with Him. I remind myself I can’t do anything out of my own strength. “Not my will, but YOURS be done, Father” are the words that imprint the pages of my journal almost everyday. I lay down my life and pick up my cross so that whenever I interact with people all I want to do is hold up a mirror so that they see a refection of how truly beautiful and loved they are by their Heavenly Father:) 

Do you have a focus or theme for the new year of 2020?

My word for 2019 was Cultivate!! When the definition of your name means “farmer”, ALLLLLL the gardening ties makes a girl so happy! Last year I learned so much. There were many things I didn’t realize I needed to learn, or re-learn. After a year of tending the ground of my heart, pulling out some weeds disguised as flowers, I imagined 2020 would bring the HARVEST. When gardening, usually after the ground is prepared, the harvest comes!!! BUT THAT WAS NOT THE WORD JESUS LAID ON MY HEART. I truly wish it was. In the final days of 2019, John 15 on my heart and the word, “ABIDE” comforted me into a new decade! Apart from Him, scripture tells me I can do nothing. And with each day, I find this to be more and more true! So as I ask Him in, seek His kingdom first, and love my neighbor as myself, the year of abiding will produce better fruit because I am constantly communing with the source:) my savior:) JESUS. 

How would you encourage girls to use their social media accounts to glorify God?

OooOoooOOOooo girl. Being a girl is SO fun! Its an honor to display a side of the Lord’s face through the way our smile was meant to shine, our eyes were made to sparkle, and how our hearts were made to be cherished, protected, and respected. I love social media because it can be a place where if we allow Him into this social space of our lives He can use us to imperfectly share His perfect name. I don’t have any social media tricks and tips other than…always be you. The TRUE you. Most people post their highlight reels while hiding their journal under their bed. But sister, the more honest and vulnerable we are, the more our pals will see boldness in your posts and get the courage to rise up standing along side you proclaiming confidently, “me too!” So it may be posting pictures without makeup, or writing what God’s been putting on your heart, posting a verse on your story, or dedicating a post to a friend that has impacted your life. I don’t know exactly how that looks for you, but I’m excited to watch God use your sphere of influence:) The less its about you and the more its about Jesus, YOU will find that social media can be a place to share and celebrate, not compare. 

Now for some random and fun q’s! 🙂

Favorite flower?


If you were a color, what color would you be and why?

YELLOW. Oh yellow is just so happy! Its the color of my favorite flower, its the color of sunshine, and my favorite little fella… WINNIE THE POOH! 

Mountains or the beach?

Definitely Mountains! God is just so vast and creative, yet so personal and loving!!! 

Favorite drink of all time?

Sweet tea mixed with Lemonade 😉 

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