10 Things To Pray Over for Your Next Semester of College.

1.) Your relationship with God/spiritual growth

⁃ The most important thing in your life should always be your relationship with Christ. Even in the busyness of college, Christ should always come first. One thing I will also be focused and praying over this next semester, is to grow spiritually. I never want to be stagnant in my walk with the Lord. May we always be moving and growing and becoming all God created us to be.

2.) Your classes/your major

⁃ This semester I prayed over each of my classes individually. With 8 classes (6 science classes) and applying for the physical therapy assistant program at my college, this semester definitely won’t be easy. When praying, I directly addressed any fears I may have about that subject. ( EX. – CHEMISTRY. Chemistry is not a strong suit of mine, and I don’t particularly like it. So I specifically prayed that I would enjoy the subject and my mind would stay alert during the hour and a half lectures. I even prayed over all of my study sessions and my relationship with my classmates and professor. ) After writing out the prayers, I placed them in my notebooks and binders so when I’m feeling overwhelmed during a lecture or study session, I know that it’s already been covered in prayer. Also, praying over your major is so so important. I know of many people who still don’t know what they want to major in. And THAT’S OKAY. Pray that God will lead you to the right classes to take for your major and that He will show you what path He wants you to take (even if that means leaving college or changing colleges.)

3.) Time

⁃ Time is such a valuable thing. TIME MANAGEMENT is hard, but so needed in college. This semester, I know that my time management will make or break how this semester goes. Also, I want to be more present in my time as well. I want to give people the gift of my time. Time is something we can never get back, but it is something we can give if we choose to.

4.) Relationships with family/friends

⁃ Often in the busyness of college and life (especially if you’ve moved away for college), it can be hard to stay in touch with our family and friends. I would encourage you to strive to stay in touch as much as you can with the people you care about, and who care about you. Even if you can’t talk to them everyday (you most likely won’t be able to talk to EVERYONE back home EVERYDAY), pray over them. Even if it’s just a quick prayer for protection or comfort, don’t forget to love those whom you don’t see everyday.

5.) Health and protection

⁃ A healthy life brings a healthy body and a healthy mind. Health is so important during college because if you’re sick, you will lack the motivation and energy needed to do your best. Pray for health for your body and mind (and your classmates and/or roommate). Praying for protection over yourself should cover a variety of things. Not just protection from harm or illness, but also protection from dangerous influences and people who will seek to harm you.

6.) Your college campus

⁃ I personally attend a Christian college, so the term “Jesus” is not a foreign word to hear on my college campus. But I know that many of you may not attend a Christian college. By praying over your college campus, you can specifically pray over the things that need to be changed. Maybe there’s immoral behavior happening on a certain part of campus? If so, pray for that area specifically and pray that those evil forces would not have reign anymore. (Also, don’t forget to pray for any Christian campus ministries your college may have!)

7.) Motivation/discipline

⁃ You will have times you don’t feel like doing anything even when you need to. We all get this way sometimes. By praying for and cultivating discipline in your life, you can strive to do the hard things even when you’re not motivated to. God has called us to live in order and peace, not in confusion and chaos. Procrastination brings chaos, but preparation brings peace. You have the power to get things done and get them done in a timely manner. Don’t waste that.

8.) New friendships

⁃ Pray that God would lead you to Godly friends that you can sharpen and be sharpened by. (Proverbs 27:17) Also, as I talked of above, pray that God would only keep influences in your life that will lead you to Him. You can still be friendly and love people, without allowing them to influence you and your relationship with Christ. Jesus loved everyone, but only 12 walked with Him on a daily basis.

9.) Your mission field

⁃ As a Christian, you are called to be a missionary. If God has led you to go to college, THAT is your mission field. You walk back on that campus as a Jesus-loving, hope-bringing, Light-shining, Joy-carrying, world-changer, difference-maker.

10.) Rest

⁃ We can rest two ways: the right way or the wrong way. Pray to cultivate the right type of rest. Rest should be a time of rejuvenation, refreshment, and renewal. Often, reverting back to social media and television when your soul is weary will not bring the true rest your soul needs. The one who made you, knows what you truly need. Rest is found in abiding in Him and being with Him. Matthew 11:28-30( “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” )

A letter from me to you,

I know that this next semester of college that is approaching may feel uncertain and unsure. Maybe you don’t know what you want to do with your life, or maybe you’re entering back into a circumstance you wanted to avoid. I want to encourage you to know that God has already gone before you and He goes with you. You never have to walk onto that campus alone. God’s got you and He will lead you through.

Let’s do this, in Jesus name.

Love, a fellow college student ❤︎

3 thoughts on “10 Things To Pray Over for Your Next Semester of College.

  1. Thank you for writing this, Abby! If everything works out, I’m gearing up to begin my 4th and final duel-enrolled semester next week, and then will be a full time student come August. I will be referencing this list 🙂

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