Doing Things Well // Guest Post by Kameron Simpson.

Hello everyone! Today I have a guest post from a beautiful soul, Kameron. I hope you are as encouraged by her words as I am!

P.S. Have a merry Christmas!

~ Abby Rose

The day of my sister’s wedding was so sweet and beautiful. So many great memories were made and special moments shared. Oddly enough, the receptionist at the hair salon made an impact on me that day, and I will forever cherish the wise words she spoke straight into the air.

All of us ladies were getting our hair done, and sitting in our cute little salon chairs just trying to take it all in. My sister would be saying “I do!” in a just few short hours, and it was honestly hard to comprehend. As the subject of our conversations jumped around the room, we started talking about school. The receptionist wasn’t directly talking to me, but I took in every word she said and I’ll never forget it.

She was talking about teachers and how so many kids are struggling with math (of course she got my attention with that, I despise math!) I guess that her point was how important it is that we have good, hardworking teachers these days among a generation that prefers computers and facetime and videos over hands-on, good old-fashioned learning. I agreed with everything she said, but one thing in particular struck me so well.

“Anyone can teach, but not just anyone can teach well.”


My whole life, I’ve been the girl that strived for “good enough“. Is this essay good enough? Does my handwriting look good enough? Did I perform good enough last night? Without even acknowledging it, I had created this “minimum effort” habit and always took the route that seemed easiest.

I felt convicted thinking about this, especially when I remembered how contrary God’s approach was when He created this world and all of the beautiful people in it.

God went for something far above “good enough” when He created you and I, so I really think we should utilize the days He gives us here on earth to give our all in all we do.

Psalm 139:14 ~ “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” God created each human with specific and special detail. No two people are quite alike, not even identical twins. When God knew us in the womb, He was so intentional about making us incredibly unique. There is no lack of effort in God’s creation, take a single step outside your front door and I’m sure you will be able to understand this. God’s beauty is everywhere because His deep love and affection for us is everywhere.

When we truly understand this, our lives then become a sweet overflow of love and admiration for our Heavenly Father, and that will pour out into everything we do.

That woman has inspired me. Her few words of wisdom stuck with me and I pray I never forget the lesson it taught me. To be an over-achiever. To go the extra mile. To put in the work, even if no one else does. This generation is getting pretty good at promoting the “I don’t know and I don’t care” mentality and it shows. It’s hurting our world and it’s going to impact our future.

My mom always used to tell me that as a Christian, anytime I am successful God will always get the glory. That has opened my eyes to doing everything for His glory.

Our schoolwork, our jobs, our leadership positions, our chores, anything can be done to the glory of God. Our work is worship to Him, so may we be the few to do it well. Among a world full of people who think it’s cool to not try, let’s be the change and strive to do things well. Because when our hearts are truly wrapped up in the goodness of God, we won’t be able to help but honor Him in our lives, even with the little things.

My name is Kameron Simpson and I am 16 years old. My passion for writing has always been a part of me, long before I connected the dots that it was God who gave it to me. I’ve always loved traveling, God speaks to me through His creation so anytime I get the chance to go somewhere, I’ll take it. While writing is a big one, I also enjoy photography and baking. I love my golden retriever and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. I am currently the President of FCA at my school, which is the only Christ-centered club in the school. I love the challenge and beautiful opportunity that comes with being a Christian in a public high school, it has taught me so much!

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