As a child,

I danced through meadows,

Through mountaintops

And valleys low,

With a song of joy,

Strumming through my heart

And a song of hope,

Carrying my soul,

But when the night came

And things looked a little dark

I cried out in despair and fear,

For I couldn’t see anymore

The stars still shown above,

The morning still came,

But my fear of the night that might come again,

Is what held me in chains,

Until one day,

As the sun shone through,

In my prison cell of fear,

I saw a ray of hope

Tearing apart the walls

I was held in,

For when I felt surrounded

By all things dark,

I was really surrounded by the one,

Who keeps me from falling apart,

For in the midst of ashes,

He is my beauty and joy,

Taking all things messy

And making them beautiful,

All of the broken parts,

And what the enemy tried to destroy.

It may look like I’m surrounded,

But I’m surrounded by

Y O U.


5 thoughts on “Surrounded.

  1. Wow! This. You are such a gifted writer. I must thank you for your graceful vulnerability. ❤

    Oh, and I absolutely love that picture of you! Simply elegant. The dress is so pretty! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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