{ 10 } Ways to Bless Your Mom on Mother’s Day. + A Tribute to my Mom.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I wanted to take some time to share a few ways to bless your mom on this special day!

(1.) Wake up early and make her breakfast.

(2.) Does she love to drink coffee or tea? Make her a handmade mug and put packs of her favorite coffee or tea with it.

(3.) Locate a cute frame, decorate it and put a picture of you with her or a family picture.

(4.) Find a magazine she loves or you think she will love, and buy a subscription.

(5.) Running low on her favorite perfume or soap? Buy it for her and surprise her! (Make sure she likes it before you buy it! You don’t want her to have to wear a smell she doesn’t like.)

(6.) Homemade coupons. Coupons to do chores around the home and other various things. Pinterest has lots of good ideas!

(7.) Open when letters!


You’re sad

You can’t fall asleep

You forget how much you mean to us

The kids are bad


(8.) Mom emergency kit! Fill with chocolate, bandaids, and her favorite soda!

(9.) Bible verse board.

A board filled with Bible verses to encourage her and lift her up on hard days.

• 2 Corinthians 12:9

• Philippians 4:13

• Ecclesiastes 3:11

(10.) Pray for her. Write out a prayer over her and give it to her. Let her know how much you love her, by bringing any needs she has to Jesus. Pray for strength, wisdom and joy through her parenting.

Dear mom,

Thank you for the love and light you shine through all you do.

You are one of the greatest blessings God could ever give anyone and we love you more than we could ever say.

You are always there to listen to us when we need encouragement or love or wisdom and you’re always ready to make us feel loved.

Thank you for your sacrifice to give us this adventurous life!

We hope you know how special you are to us.

You are our teacher, our mother and also our best friend + biggest supporter on this earth.


Abby Rose, Drew and Matt

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