May Challenge // Intentionally Seeking Him Challenge.

For the month of May, I want to spend time intentionally seeking the Lord.

Below is a rough outline of some things I am challenging myself to and I hope you’ll join me!

Have a great day and happy May! ❤

M A Y.

(1.) Wake up earlier than normal and spend time with the Lord. (2.) Watch the sun rise while listening to worship music.(3.) Write a love letter to God.(4.) Journal about something in nature and what God is teaching you through it.(5.) Write down your favorite Bible verse and place it somewhere where you can see it. (6.) Find a new worship song to learn.(7.) Read in a book of the Bible you don’t normally read in.(8.) Read a devotion from online or a book.(9.) Write praise poetry.(10.) Try not to say anything negative. When you are tempted to – praise God instead.(11.) Spend 5 minutes in worship time.(12.) Spend an encouraging Bible verse to a friend.(13.) Journal what God is teaching you.(14.) Write down 4 truths from God’s word.(15.) Before you go to bed, journal about your day and something that made you smile. Remind yourself that God has given you joy even on the hardest days.(16.) Read an extra chapter in God’s word.(17.) Paint a name for God.(18.) Ask a friend what their favorite worship song is, then listen to it.(19.) Talk to someone about Jesus. (20.) Write 10 Things you love about God.(21.) Invest into someone today with your time.(22.) Set aside social media and spend time with the Lord.(23.) Journal about the greatest thing that has happened to you this year and praise God for it.(24.) Count your blessings.(25.) Write another love letter to God.(26.) Watch the sun set while listening to worship music. (27.) Attempt to meet someone new or connect with someone you aren’t close to. (28.) Write another praise poem.(29.) Journal about what God has taught you this month.(30.) Tell someone about how God has blessed you and ask if they’d like you to pray for them in anyway. (31.) REJOICE because you just spent a whole month intentionally seeking God! To contact me:Email:

10 thoughts on “May Challenge // Intentionally Seeking Him Challenge.

  1. I love this Abby!! SO MANY amazing ideas. I’m going to adapt many of these to my May goals for my own personalized challenge 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration! Can’t wait for another whole month of intentionally seeking Christ, Lord willing! ❤

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  2. Yes! I will be joining you on this month’s challenge. You know, this my final week of my freshman year of college and I think that beginning this challenge will help ease the stress! I feel guilty saying it, but it definitely can be a challenge to place God first in the midst of stress.

    I am praying that you, me, and all who take part in May’s challenge will grow closer to God. Thank you so much for sharing!

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