I Will Never Let Go.

3 year old Sara grabbed her mothers hand. “Mommy, please stay with me! We can play dolls & have a tea party! I promise I’ll be a good girl.” 
“No, Sara. Mommy already told you she has to go to work. We can play toys when I get home. Please let go”, her mother said as she wiggled her hand free from the crying 3 year old. 
6 year old Sara hid behind the couch as she watched her father hit her mother for the tenth time that night. As he threw down a bottle that shattered to the floor & slammed the glass door, the bottle wasn’t the only thing that shattered. 6 year old Sara’s heart felt as though it did too. Her daddy left that night & never came back. 
17 year old Sara laughed at loud as she fell onto Jacob’s lap at the midnight party. He was cute, he was funny & he made her feel happy. She hadn’t felt happy in so long. Yet, that happiness fled the moment Jacob got in his red sports car & drove away as Sara yelled, “please don’t leave me!” As she watched him drive away, her view blinded my tears, she also watched as her dreams of ever truly being loved were so very far away from her heart as well. 
Hopeless, broken, hurting, on her bedroom floor, Sara cried out. “God, you are all I have left. Please, please just don’t leave. I will do my best if you will only love me.” 

& in that moment, the words that restored Sara came flooding over her heart like a tidal wave. 

“I will never let you go & I will never leave. I love you. You don’t have to perform to be loved. You are loved unconditionally & nothing can change that. I have been here all along, daughter. As you held your mothers hand, as you dodged the painful blows from your earthly father, as you cried over the man whom you looked for your worth in, I saw it all & still I chose the cross. Still I chose you. I see you in your messiness, I see all your mistakes, but even when you thought you’ve gone too far, my love has gone farther. I love you daughter & nothing can ever change that. I will never let you go. It. Is. Finished.” 

Your name may not be Sara, but maybe your story is oh so similar to hers. Or maybe your story is entirely different. It doesn’t matter what your name is or what your story is. What matters is the powerful truth that you are never alone & He will not let go. No matter how far you’ve gone, His love went farther. 


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