But I See Jesus. 

Lately I’ve realized how JESUS is in everything. Like literally everything. Driving down the road, hanging out with friends, watching the sun rise, all of these things & more show His beauty, order, love, joy, hope & peace. But I also see Him in the painful things too. Like when the single mama with several kids tries her best to stay strong & keep going, but feels like a failure as her tired eyes drift off to sleep. Or when the woman who has been hurt so many times by people she trusted, chooses to turn her back on God because she just can’t trust another person. Or when the teenager who self harms, paints her beautiful face with makeup & wishes she was someone else or that she was good enough. BUT, I also see Jesus. Somehow, even in the messiness & brokenness I see Jesus. Do you see Him in your messiness & brokenness too? 

Because when I see messy, I also see a message for God’s glory. 

When I see lonely, I also see a beautiful opportunity to fall in love with the King of Kings even more. 

When I see confused, I also see a God who is waiting to give wisdom into the places we never thought we could understand. 

When I see someone who is afraid to trust, I also see a God who not only says “trust me” but proves that He is trustworthy every moment of every day. (He is faithful enough to remind your heart to keep beating every day & the sun to rise in the morning!!) 

Where there is pain, God’s healing is there as well. Where there is brokenness, God’s restoration is there as well. 

Where is God in your season? He is with you, right now, loving you, holding you, comforting you, calling you His, protecting you & knowing the number of hairs on your head. Because He loves you that much. 

You may see your season as a bad season, but look through the lens of love. The Father’s love. & see beauty like He does. See JESUS. 

Because only when we choose to focus our lens on His love, will we ever see true beauty in every moment. 


One thought on “But I See Jesus. 

  1. This is so beautiful and TRUE. God says there is a season for every thing- and He is always there through it all. The Lord tells us to praise Him in every moment and give thanks always- even when it hurts. I think the first step to praise Him during even the hard times is to remember that YES- there is always a reason for everything! 😀

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