Sweet Sixteen.

Matthew 5:16 ~ Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. 
For my sweet sixteen, a few friends & I spent the day doing { 16 } random acts of kindness. I saw this idea on Pinterest about two years ago & FELL IN LOVE with it & absolutely knew that I NEEDED to do this. I can honestly say it was one of the most joyful & humbling experiences of my life. We were met with smiles, frowns, kind responses & NOT SO KIND responses but one thing was the same: God’s love never failed in any situation. I spent weeks in advance praying God would lead us to the people He wanted us to encourage & love the most & I truly believe He did. 

#1. Send someone some sunshine – this was probably one of my favorites! I loved picking out joyful things & praying who God wanted me to send it to. He led me to a dear mother & daughter who have brought such joy into my life & I wanted to send them some of that sunshine they’ve always given me. 🙂 

#2. Bake cookies for a policeman – we searched ALL DAY for a policeman & FINALLY at one of our last stops we found one! He replied so sweetly & I am so glad God lead us to that police officer to bless him for all he does! 

#3. Write encouraging messages at a park 

THIS ONE WAS FULL OF CREATIVITY. We loved being able to bring the truth of God straight to the park where little children would play. 🙂 (#4. – give the chalk to a kid. sadly the little girl we asked didn’t want any chalk but we left it for another kid to find, hehe!)

#5 Write letters/buy presents for special/impactful people in my life – this was for those SUPER SPECIAL people who have influenced my life with wisdom & truth.

#6. We painted rocks & placed them around. 

#7 We painted canvases & passed them out at a store. I LOVED seeing the people’s reactions to receiving a hand painted canvas with encouragement. They all replied with sweet smiles. 

#8 Don’t ever “change” on a vending machine – just a lil’ reminder 😉 

#9. We handwrote & drew little cards of encouragement & passed them out to people at grocery stores. We loved spreading truth to those around us! 

#10. We placed notes around stores & bathrooms – a special surprise for someone to see if they may be having a bad day or need some encouragement. 

#11.  Cards of encourage’mint’ for our fellow Sunday School class. 🙂 

#12. “Bookworms” for the librarians. (Sadly the library cannot accept random acts of kindness – but we gave them to the people who were looking for books that day:)) 

#13. Bring cards to nursing home 

#14. Pay for someone’s drink in line (we chose Starbucks because it was in the store we were in doing other random acts of kindness) 

#15. Compliment a stranger 

#16.  Bring Pastor’s/Pastor’s wife a card thanking them for all they do. 

I am SO SO thankful for these special ladies who came with me to bless & love on others & for God, for loving me & pouring kindness on my life, so I can pour kindness on others as well. All Glory Goes To Him. 


3 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen.

  1. The painted kindness rocks are trending right now! I saw on Facebook that people in my town were painting rocks and hiding them around town for other people to find. Then, our friends in Canada said that they’ve been hiding rocks too, so I guess it’s happening worldwide. I’ve painted 30 so far, I think, and every time I go somewhere I take one and hide it outside the business. Then later I often see on Facebook where someone has found it and posted a picture of it. So fun.

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