When Dreams Come True by Eric & Leslie Ludy // Book Review

When Dreams Come True is currently the ONLY love story I have sitting on my bookshelf. I’ve read this book multiple times, the binding is coming apart, some pages are falling out & highlighter has seeped through the pages on my favorite parts & quotes. I’m writing a book review for Eric & Leslie’s book because it has been a life-changer for me. I encourage you to read it & be inspired to follow Christ in whole-hearted pursuit and surrender everything to Him & His will, as I definitely was encouraged to. Below is a collection of my favorite parts & encouragement I’ve taken from this book.
>> Book Review // 
→ One of my favorite parts about reading this book, is how real it is. Eric shares of many times where He failed to honor God & respect woman & one quote that stuck out to me was when Eric said… “my friends & I were living our own version of “Christianity”: sainthood on Sunday & hypocrisy & compromise the rest of the week.” This is crazy true, Y’all. I’ve watched as “good Christian kids” with “good Christian parents” are some of the absolute worldliest, prideful & disrespectful people with very little love in their hearts for God. Christianity isn’t just a religion, it’s a relationship. This book has a beautiful theme of this truth. We can’t just slap “Christian” on our whole lives & expect to “make it to heaven.” Our words, actions & even our thoughts must honor God. Only the pure in heart will see Him. & we won’t be fully content, until we are fully in love with Him. 
→ God is waiting on the other side of my failures & my shattered dreams with some dreams of His own… ” – Leslie Ludy

→ I love the way this book demonstrates how EVEN IF we’ve have failed & fallen, God can take that brokenness & restore it into beauty for His glory. He can take any broken dream & make it a beautiful reality when it aligns with His word & His will.
→ I love Leslie’s description of popularity. She says, “Popularity was not all I had hoped for. It was a constant rat-race, a competition, an all-consuming mission to become someone I was not.

→ Leslie shares the story of how she gave her emotions, her time, her affections, her desires & herself to guys who didn’t appreciate her or even love her any more. But there was still hope. Leslie beautifully says, “through it all, there was a God watching me fall, watching me break His heart & loving me still…” The love & fulfillment she was searching for in guys, could only be found in Christ.
→Eric shares after He surrendered His life to God, it was still a journey to becoming a new man. “I was an addict to sin….. The knocking on my heart was nearly unbearable. Intellectually, I could understand allowing God to mold me into a humble, loving, compassionate man. But I couldn’t comprehend letting go of that which I held most dear to my heart….. I understood God healing my soul, providing for my needs, comforting me in times of suffering, but I couldn’t comprehend Him taking control of every aspect of my life & doing whatever He saw fit.” He learned that He must surrender EVERY part of His life to God & let His will be done, to truly walk in God’s will & become a new man.
→ “I had to fall in love with God before I could ever comprehend how to be a true lover. If I ever expected a match made in heaven, I had to give Him the pen to write my love story. I had to let Him design my romantic life if I truly desired to be unhindered in my love relationship with Him.” – Eric Ludy

→True love for Christ is described in what Eric said when talking about surrendering his desire to be married, ” I knew I was holding on to my right to be married. & I knew God needed to have total control to do whatever He pleased, even if that meant He was my only love for the rest of my days on this earth. “

→ Leslie shared a similar experience when, at a training camp, she poured out her heart & words to God. She was then challenged with this thought: Can you give up everything to follow me? She eventually, was molded into a sacrificial woman who said YES, I will give up everything to follow you, God! She said, “God is calling me back to a quiet, still place at His feet. A place where my life focuses on Him once again, rather than myself.”

→Mark, Eric’s younger brother once told Eric, “I’ve always looked for a girl who would turn my head, but for the first time in my life, I realize that I really want, above anything else, a woman who turns my heart.” A true God-honoring man, one who is SO in love with Jesus will not look for a beautiful on the outside, but for a woman so beautiful INSIDE she glows outwardly of the joy of the Lord. 

→ As Eric was enduring through a season of loneliness, the wise words of His mother stuck out to me. She said, “Right now, this season of loneliness is preparing you for leadership!” I love knowing that NO season is wasted when we surrender it to God. Seasons of brokenness can turn into beauty, messes can turn into a message for God’s glory. It all works for the GOOD for God’s glory. 

→ CAN I SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE READING ABOUT HOW ERIC & LESLIE FIRST MET. I would have to say my absolute favorite part is hearing how Leslie FELT as she talked to Eric. She felt LIKE A REAL PERSON. Just the way Eric viewed Leslie (as a sister in Christ & not someone to fulfill his desires) and treated her (with respect & Christ’s love) even began to change Leslie’s perspective on guys & relationships & most importantly, GOD & His love for her.


Eric speaking of Leslie: “From the moment I first laid eyes on her, she had a song in her heart. I could see her passionate soul longing for a deeper intimacy with Jesus. I knew right away that this young girl was different. She was special & God had a protective & jealous guardianship over her heart & life. I wanted to be an encouragement to her. What I didn’t know, is how much she would teach ME.” 

→ After committing to do what God had called her to do & walking in radical obedience for Him, she felt a tender promise whispered to her soul, “I am with you. Do not be afraid of the future. I have beautiful dreams for your life, so much better than the dreams you’ve been chasing after so long. Trust me. You are My precious child & I love you so much more than you can comprehend.”

→ “Faithfulness to my future husband had come to mean so much more than simply saving myself for marriage. I had made a decision that no matter how many mistakes I have made in the past, from now on I would set myself aside in complete purity and true faithfulness for the man I would one day marry. I wanted to guard my heart, my emotions, everything. And I wanted to live in consideration of my future husband, even with the guy friendships I allowed in my life.” – Leslie Ludy

→When Eric revealed his love for Leslie, the words Jesus whispered into her heart were oh so beautiful & such a wonderful promise we can ALL cling to…. “My precious child, you cannot even imagine how beautiful dreams can be… when I make them come true.”

→ I think it’s so absolutely amazing what Leslie’s dad said to Eric & Leslie after they announced that they were in a relationship. He said, “I believe God is doing more here that goes beyond just Eric & Leslie. I believe God wants to use this relationship to affect the world. Through the example of their testimony, I believe God wants to restore to their generation the kind of purity & commitment He intended in relationships.” As we clearly see, Eric & Leslie’s stories & ministries have truly impacted the world. 

→ A beautiful example in this book, that I believe every Christian should follow in their relationship with another, is as Eric said to Leslie, “our relationships needs to be founded on God & not on our own emotional feelings.” Even as Eric had to leave for months at a time & all Leslie could was pray for him, think of him, write him & call him, they still chose to focus on what God was doing in their lives & grow in Him during this time. They chose not to waste their season of waiting. 

“No matter how far apart we are, it’s God who holds this relationship together.” – Eric Ludy
“With each goodbye we utter comes the fresh promise of the beginning of a brand-new season of our life. & with each season, there is a new life lesson to be learned from our Maker.” – Leslie Ludy

→ As a young girl, I made a commitment not to just date around or flirt with any guy, but rather to wait on the one God had for me. I knew it would save me from a lot of heartbreak, confusion & regret. When Eric had to tell Leslie about all the mistakes he had made with other girls, it truly brought a real representation to WHY I made the commitment I did. Eric said, “If I had only known how much my decisions (with other girls) back then would impact this precious woman in my life today.” He & Leslie cried in each other’s arms after Eric shared his past with her, but the true love & forgiveness of Christ was still evident in their hearts as Leslie forgave Eric for all he had done. He was a new man & Leslie saw him as changed. (Side note: I think this story is a beautiful representation of how God can completely change lives. I don’t want to ever believe that we should judge someone based on their past, but how they honor God in their present. Eric was completely & radically changed & transformed inside & out. You don’t have to have a “perfect man with a perfect past” to have a Godly man, but I DO BELIEVE { as demonstrated in this book } that our choices & decisions WILL affect our future spouse.) 


→ “When you wait for something rather than satisfy your craving for it at the genesis of your desire, you appreciate it’s beauty far more and enjoy its pleasure forever, as opposed to having it’s a appeal fade away.” – Eric Ludy



(I’ve decided I would love to marry someone similar to Eric Ludy or Gilbert Blythe {or a combination of both would be wonderful};))

→ After their wedding, Eric asked Leslie if that was the day her dreams came true. She responded with, “No. my dreams would never compare to what God did between us today. This was the day that HIS dreams for us came true!”

→ And lastly, one of my favorite quotes is at the end when Leslie asks Eric if their marriage will always be as beautiful as it was during the first year. He replied, “it’s only going to get better if we let Christ build it.” 

→→→ It’s all of those quotes, this story, these two who love the Lord so deeply, THIS BOOK that has encouraged me, made me cry, made me laugh, challenged me, convicted me, changed me, God used this book in a beautiful way to not only show me how beautiful love can be when it’s based on Christ, but also how FAITHFUL He is in every single season. 

Seasons of failure, seasons of loneliness, seasons of waiting, seasons of heartbreak, He is there, He is constant, He is faithful. & His dreams are far greater than we could ever grasp. He is the only one who can make our dreams truly come true. & that same God, really really loves YOU. ♡♡


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