Hurt & Healing. 

Lately, I’ve truly seen how God has changed my heart to align with His purpose for me. At age 15 he told me my purpose was to bring the lost, hurting & broken to HIM. He said I was a missionary RIGHT WHERE I WAS by simply doing this. 

Whenever I see people that most people see as rude or unkind or insecure or weird or mentally unstable, I see so much more. I see hurt & brokenness. & it genuinely leaves me hurt & with such a desire to love these people. But along with brokenness, I also see AN OPEN DOOR for God’s healing to take place in their life. And I so badly just want to run to that person & hug them with everything in me & say, “Hey!!!! There’s healing, there’s freedom, there’s true love in store for you! GOD HAS ABUNDANT LIFE FOR YOU!!!” I am left broken for the the guy I passed last Saturday at the grocery store with his head bent down & broken eyes that glanced my way. Most people would see a rude guy who is considered a “punk” in this world. I SAW hurt, but I also saw healing, because I KNOW my JESUS doesn’t just leave us there in the broken & messy, but He turns it into a message for His glory. The girl who posts inappropriate pictures that we ALL judge & talk about, really she just wants LOVE & acceptance & she doesn’t even get to see God’s love through US, because we are SO judgmental to her. WE are called to be LIGHTS of HIS LOVE, HIS JOY, HIS GRACE, but how many times do we judge, gossip, hate, & look down on a person because they are broken & hurting? I know I most definitely have failed God before in this area & failed to LOVE like Jesus loves me. Patiently, with kindness, with selfless love. When the world sees broken beyond repair, BECAUSE OF JESUS, I see HEALING BEYOND BELIEF. The world sees messy, I see SUFFICIENT GRACE. Because when God takes your life & changes your focus & renews your mind & shows you HIS love & HIS grace, even though I was once broken, I now WANT TO SHARE His goodness & healing & love with the world that truly is so desperate for JESUS. The Jesus I know & love with my whole being. 


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