My Hope Is In The Lord. 

Sometimes it can be SO SO easy to lose hope & to feel discouraged. We feel rejection, disappointments come our way, lies try to cover the truth & we lose hope. 

Hope in God’s plan, His goodness & His love. 

Our current circumstances can often cloud our vision of what He has in store. 

When we wait & wait for God’s promises to be fulfilled, but we get so tired of waiting & begin to doubt & completely lose hope that His promises are true.

When we love & pour out grace to someone who has hurt us, only to still be responded to in hate from that person & we lose hope that we are loved & that they will ever change. 

When we overcome a sin or addiction, only to fall back into that sin over time, we lose hope that we can ever be truly free. 

When sickness keeps our minds & bodies so fatigued, we lose hope that we can ever live life to the abundance like Jesus came to give us.

But I have learned, that hoping IN THE LORD, cannot come from a place of placing my hope in MY circumstances, MY plans, MY dreams, MY wants, but rather changing my focus on HIM & placing my hope in a place of KNOWING that God has good plans for me & He is in control. His way is always best, even when I cannot see. 

Living my life in such a way that I place my hope in God is: 
It is saying, “I MAY be sick, but I WILL hope in you God, because only YOU ARE my healer.” 

It is saying, “I may not understand what you’re doing in my life God, but I will hope in you because you are the peace in my troubled sea.” 

It is saying, “I may be hurt God, but I will hope in you because I know that you died for me while I was yet a sinner & I know you will equip me to love others as you have loved me.”

I don’t know what area you may have lost hope in, but I pray tonight that every part of your being is renewed in the HOPE of the Lord & you know that hoping in Him will truly bring you the joy & ABUNDANT LIFE He has called you to live in:) 


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