Brokenness Restored. 

When I was a young girl, I was given a suitcase. It was a beautiful suitcase with a big handle at the top. For the first few years, my suitcase remained empty. It was never heavy, so it was easy to bring with me everywhere I went. I wasn’t ashamed of my suitcase, in fact, I loved it. Carrying my suitcase around made me happy. I showed it to everyone, everywhere I went. But one day, my suitcase wasn’t empty anymore. As I listened to the boy call me ugly and fat, my suitcase began to carry something heavy. My suitcase now carried my insecurity. As I was told I was careless to believe God had a special plan for my life, my suitcase was filled with something else heavy. My suitcase now carried doubt. Over the years, my suitcase became heavier & heavier. My once empty suitcase, was beginning to spill over with brokenness. My brokenness. Confusion, pain, rejection, self doubt, anxiety, lies, bullying, bondage, grief. I no longer loved my beautiful suitcase with the big handle at the top. I was ashamed of my suitcase. I hid it everywhere I went. Every day, my suitcase of brokenness weighed me down. 
➳ One day, as I was taking my usual journey into town, a King of the highest royalty caught my eye. I began to hide my suitcase full of brokenness. If I wanted to impress the King, I had to hide it, for surely, he wouldn’t love the little girl with the suitcase full of brokenness. I walked up to the King I wanted so desperately to love me. I bowed down to Him, but as I did, the suitcase I was hiding behind my back came undone. All of my brokenness spilled on the ground. He saw it. As I began to rapidly gather my insecurity, my grief, my self doubt, my brokenness off the ground, the King grabbed my hands covered in scars & looked into my eyes filled with tears. He spoke the words that restored every broken piece I’d carried around all my life. 
➳ “Daughter, you are MINE. Before I formed you, I knew you. I knew the desires of your heart, I knew the broken pieces you would carry around, I knew the dreams you would dream, I knew YOU. & I still loved you. I loved you & your suitcase full of brokenness. I DIED for you & your suitcase full of brokenness. Don’t be ashamed of your suitcase anymore. I’ve restored every broken piece you’ve carried around & I have made you new. Now, without fear or timidity, carry your suitcase of { restored brokenness }around. & when people notice your beautiful suitcase, tell them about the King who restores ALL things. Tell them about me.” & so I learned that day, that no matter how much brokenness I’ve carried around for years, it’s never too much that the King of Kings can’t restore me, piece by piece. ♕♡

(Photo credit: Alicia Lewin taken of Katherine Rose) Thank you for letting me use your beautiful photo. ♡♡ 


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