White As Snow. 

I twirled & giggled as I ran through the meadows of flowers. I chased the King of Kings relentlessly. Out of breath, I simply relaxed in His ever comforting arms. I was at peace. The world around me was beautiful & I was completely captivated by my King. Everything made sense. I had found the one whom my soul loves. The one who I was created to be fulfilled in. 

 One day as I was strolling along, something caught my eye. It was a fruit. Oh, it looked so beautiful. Yet, the gentle whisper of my Father said, “No, daughter. That will not fulfill you. Only I can fulfill you.” I glanced around & began to question the only true love I had ever known. Well, everyone else is doing it? So I made the decision to run away from the lover of my soul. I took a bite & in seconds I knew the mistake I’d made. My once elegant & white dress, became a filthy & tattered garment. Ashamed, I began to hide behind the bushes. Jesus couldn’t see me! Oh, not like this! I’m so filthy. “Daughter”, he called. “Where are you?” I began to tuck away every part of my dirty rags & filthy heart from His sight. Oh, He CAN’T see me like this. Not Jesus. I began to cry…. “Oh, but I’m so desperate! I want to take rest in His arms again, I want to be in His presence again!”

 I stepped out of hiding. I was dirty & completely empty. I was lost, broken & ashamed. “Daughter.” His gentle whisper caught me off guard. “I CAME for this. I DIED for this. I ROSE AGAIN for this. For this very moment. My blood has washed your filthy rags white as snow. My blood was shed for you. It was shed to make you whole.” I glanced down at my garments, at the broken pieces of my heart, at my story. They were no longer tattered & scattered. Oh my goodness, no. I was now clean. Every broken piece, it was restored. All the messes, became a message. I had PURPOSE again. The same Jesus I danced with, is the same one who gave His life to set me free & make me whole again. From that moment on, it’s my hearts desire to dance & be with Jesus. Sometimes it’s in the meadows of flowers. Sometimes it’s in a garden. & sometimes, it’s on my knees begging for forgiveness. I learned that there will always be fruits I bite into that leave me filthy. But because I love my Father, these fruits don’t tempt me anymore. Because I’ve tasted of true love, I’m not hungry for the empty love of this world. But when times come & I am tempted & give in, I know I have a Father who says, “Daughter. It was all for you.” & once again, I’m washed as white as snow. 


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