When God Asks Us To Do Hard Things. 

I glanced around at who was looking. I took a deep breath, yet it didn’t help calm my rapid heartbeat. “Oh, God!” I cried. “I really can’t do this… please choose someone else!” Yet, the words “I have chosen you” resounded in my brain. I took a deep breath again & forced my legs to stand. I was about to do something hard for God. 

As a sixth grader in junior high, it was a struggle to be bold enough to talk to ” the outcast.” It took effort & lots of it to stand out from the crowd. But the dream God began to lay on my heart, far outweighed my fear over how people would react to me. I chose to sit by the girl who was socially awkward…. the one who no one wanted to sit by…. this girl was the one God called me to sit by & be a friend to. I KNEW I would be talked about… I knew people would make fun of me, but it was okay. God had created me for this moment & I wanted to do this. For Him. 

Hard Things. The example above is an easy example of a hard thing. I know though, some of you who may be reading this have been asked by God to do MUCH harder things than sit by someone at Sunday School. 

Maybe God has asked you to start a ministry, but you don’t feel qualified or able. 

Maybe God has asked you to forgive the person who abused you, but you can’t get past the pain you’ve felt for years. 

Maybe God has asked you to give the little bit of money you have to a family in need, but you don’t know how you’ll pay the next bill. 

Maybe God has asked you to trust Him in a hopeless situation, but you feel more like you’re walking by faith than by sight. 

Maybe God has asked you to do something hard. He most likely has asked us ALL to do hard things, but we either chose to ignore, obey or reject the call. 

God asked some people in the Bible to do some hard things. Really really hard things. 

David. He was just a shepherd boy. Small, the whimpy one, the outcast… the one who wasn’t even considered to fight Goliath. Yet, God chose David & asked Him to do something hard. Something that was impossible. Something that made no sense. But one thing made sense to David, the God He served. Because David knew the God He served, He accomplished the task God asked of Him with boldness & complete trust. 

There are many other examples of those who did hard things for God… people like: 

• Esther 

• Shadrach, Mesach & Abendego 

• Daniel

• Abraham

• Ruth 

& so many more. 

To read these people’s stories, is to see the testimony of the EVER faithful God asking faithful people to do hard things. The obedience in their hearts became the very thing that pushed them into their callings, saved people’s lives & brought victory to many. Their willingness to obey the God they served, despite their hard circumstances, made who they became. 

In the hardest things, God reveals the greatest victories. The biggest blessings. The fulfillment of His joy. The fullness of His peace. The truth of His promises. 

Has God asked you to do a hard thing? You’re not alone! Those who do hard things become the warriors that Jesus uses in mighty ways for His glory. 

So keep doing hard things. 

God’s got you. 

& you’re one amazing warrior. 


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