I Will Love Those Just Like { Me } 

“Oh my goodness, it hurts SO bad whenever people want to be my friend one day & then ignore me completely the next! I wish they would just choose if they like me or not!” 
I sat down on my bed & sighed, with those thoughts on my mind. I had just, three days before, talked to a young girl who treated me as though I was a friend. Then, just today, she had completely ignored me. & to add onto the already messy pile, she had unfollowed me on social media. Great… what did I do now? She didn’t even give me a chance to offend or hurt her. I was just tired of people who took advantage of me & were my friends whenever, “I was singing on stage” or “that cute guy noticed me.” As I cried my heart & hurt out to God, He replied, me too. Me too, daughter. 

That’s when I understood that Jesus understands my pain. People take advantage of Him too. People only use Him when it’s convenient too. They pray on Sundays, then party, curse & choose to worship idols above him all through the week. 

Geez, Jesus. This is hard. 

What can we do?? 


UGHM, Jesus?! You already said you understand. That’s too hard! I can’t love those kind of people. 

I’ve already died for them, IT IS FINISHED. I died for you too. & just as I forgive you daily & love you daily, you must CHOOSE to love the sinners, just like you. 

Yeah, Jesus. You’re right. You’re always right. I’m not perfect. & I’ve taken advantage of you too at times. I fail & I fail! & only by your precious blood that was slain for me, could I ever be loved or forgiven. 

You chose to love those kinda people Jesus, so I will too

I will love like you do, too. 

I will love BECAUSE love Himself came & died for my sins, when I too, was someone who took advantage of Him. 


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