The Answer To Why. 

We raise our fists & scream at God. We ask the question WHY?! Why God, did you let me lose my baby? Why God, was I abused? Why God, am I so weak from this sickness I can barely stand? Why God, do I feel alone? Why God, am I so caught in this sin? Why God, did my husband cheat on me? Why God, have I fallen & can’t get back up? WHY WHY WHY?!? We wait & wait & there’s no answer. Just the word “why” resounding over & over again in our minds. In those moments, I turn my head to the cross & say, “WHY?? Why Jesus? Why would you die for ME!? I’m so selfish, so broken, so sinful, so dirty?? I don’t deserve this. You are so perfect, you could have saved yourself but you chose not to. You chose that dirty cross. For me?!?” His gentle response is, “Daughter, I died for you because I love you. I died to set you free, wash you clean, so one day you can be with me. This was all for you. Because YOU are worth that much.” And so as the questions of why sometimes still come, I can push them aside & know there is an answer to every “why?” & that answer is Jesus hanging on the cross. For me. For you. 


2 thoughts on “The Answer To Why. 

  1. Oh my goodness Abby!!!! Wow!! I’m pretty much in a puddle of tears here… Wow!! How can Jesus love us that much!??? Oh HE is SOOOOO good!!

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