It hit me pretty hard the other day, that some of you beautiful girls may not know your worth. 

You may live in pain every day due to rejection from a father who doesn’t love you, depression because you feel no purpose, hatred for the person who’s hurt you so badly…. you may place your identity & value in relationships with guys, numbers on the scale, the way a pair of clothing looks in your body, your friends, the amount of likes you get on your selfie, you may see yourself as of no value & no purpose. 

The blood of a spotless lamb was slain… for YOU! You are worth more than the number the guys rated you as, you are worth more than what your abuser did to you, you are worth more than the shameful words that have been yelled at your face, YOU ARE WORTH MORE & no one, absolutely NO ONE can change that. YOU. ARE. PRICELESS. }} 

P.S. { listen to ‘priceless’ by For King & Country 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Priceless. 

  1. i appreciate your post. i think that if girls can find their satisfaction and approval in our Creator… than they will be able to shine His sparkling light through the fragile frame of natural beauty. Instead of hours wasted judging themselves by the opinions and treatment of hollow, proud self centered individuals, whose opinions only carry weight because they think that can pick and choice as they please.

    be different. be who God created you to be.

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