Keep Going :) 

For years I’ve heard countless stories of people who’ve been bullied. Maybe you have a story like that too. I see the faces, I see the pain, I see the baggage, I see the bullies… then I see the cross. I see Jesus. I see the sacrifice. I see the price He paid for you & I. 

I wrote this post for the person who has been bullied. Excluded. Hurt. Made fun of. Humiliated. To the girl who was lied about…. to the boy who was thrown in the trash can…. to the one who was called fat, too tall, weird, not enough, a failure, too clumsy, dumb… so many faces & so many names… yet all going through the same struggles & battles. 

And then I see Jesus. Being mocked. Beaten. Kicked. Ridiculed. Abused. He was carrying every sin & the cross on his shoulders. The baggage… the weight… the pain… just another step, we whisper… just another step, He whispered. We cry out, “God! It hurts so much! I don’t think I can do this anymore…” & God cries out, “I know my sweet child! I know the pain…. I endured it for YOU because I love you so much! I am here. In my arms there is refuge & a place of security + safety. In me, the troubles of the world fade & in me, you are content. Cast your burden on me…. I already overcame it at the cross. I already carried your burdens for you. IT. IS. FINISHED. ” & in this moment, we know we have endured our pain for a reason… I know that if I had not been hurt or excluded, then I could not love those who are hurt & excluded too. If I had not known pain, I would have not learned to cast it on the Lord. & you too have a story like this. Your story will be used as a beautiful message for God’s glory. 

So I sit here & grab your hand, sweet friend. & I whisper, “Keep going. God’s got you. Cast your burdens on Him, He won’t let you fall.” 


One thought on “Keep Going :) 

  1. Oh my word friend!!!! This is so so beautiful!!! GAAAAAHHHH….I just never get tired of reading and hearing more about the love of Jesus and what all He endured for us!!! It makes me feel so unworthy of such love!!! Never has there ever been a more lovely and romantic love story than the one of Jesus to us!!! awwww…He’s so so SO awesome!!!!

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