Messy Days

Some days you just have messy days. Today was that day for me. I woke up late, tried on four different outfits that didn’t work, deciding eventually to wear the same outfit I wore the day before. (Hope no one notices, right?!) I’m not the kind of person to wait last minute to do homework so of course all of its done… except for the stuff I had to print off the computer. And of course the computer decided today was the day not to work… I rapidly texted my teacher to ask if it was okay to not do that part of homework.. still feeling guilty for not having it all done. (I hate not having work turned in). I had no time to eat breakfast in the midst of this… so thank goodness to that three week old granola bar I found squished in the bottom of my backpack… or I might have starved. 😉 Finally in the car (20 minutes late) I realized I had left my phone in the house (I had to copy a report off my phone that day so it was needed). I ran in the house and searched only to frustratedly find it in the car a few minutes later. Then we were off to school. 
Sometimes you have messy days. 

And you know what? 

That’s okay. 

Grace works best on messy people. 

So in my weaknesses, His strength is made perfect. (2Cor.12-9) 

And so that’s why I keep going on messy days. 

It’s a messy day, not a messy life. 

I’m not perfect, but I serve a perfect God. 

And God wraps me in His perfect love, in the midst of my messiness. 

And that is  e n o u g h  for me. 

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