Masked // Finding Freedom From Insecurity 

I have never liked surprises

I remember as a 7 year old girl, warning my mom not to throw me a surprise sweet sixteen party. I laugh at it now, but if you know me, you know that I have never enjoyed being surprised.Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE present surprises. Those are amazing. I mean the “you are just going about your normal day and someone jumps out and yells surprise when you’re least expecting it and there are 40 people staring you in the face” kinda surprises. 

I’m the kind of person who wants to KNOW what’s going to happen & to be prepared for what’s going to happen. 

I think this is why insecurity is one of my worst enemies. 

Insecurity sneaks up on you & attacks at the most unexpected times. 

Insecurity in my definition, is basically like the word. 

Insecure in who I am. 

Being insecure not only affects you, but others around you. 

An insecure person responds in jealousy, self doubt & hurt. 

It could simply be someone who ignored me or if I sat alone. 

One of the worse things about insecurity, is it hides the true you. 

You can be filled with pain in your heart, but if someone asks you if you’re okay, you just smile and say yes. 

My battle with insecurity was one of the hardest things EVER. 

I wore a mask for years before I found my victory. 

But Jesus promises I’m MORE than a conqueror in HIM. & I found my victory. 

Today I want to help you find yours too. 

Freedom, oh it’s so beautiful & when you find it, your battle becomes the very thing you use for God’s glory. 

                         My Story 

I grew up in a wonderful home. Wonderful family. We attended church. But something was missing. The biggest piece of the puzzle… my relationship with God. I “loved” God & I knew some Bible stories from Sunday School… but in all honesty ALL I didn’t know the power of knowing Jesus personally & how it would affect my life. 
The day of my tenth birthday, my grandpa picked me up. I was dressed up in brand new clothes & ready to see what my grandpa had planned to do with me for the day. We ate at our favorite restaurant for lunch. Next came the moment that would forever change my life… my grandpa pulled his truck into the parking lot of our church’s bookstore. Inside held the gift I would receive for my tenth birthday & one of the key tools I used to combat insecurity. It was a Bible. Over time, I began to dig into God’s word. I poured hours into my Bible. It was covered in highlighter, marker, colored pencils, pen, sticky notes, stickers… you name it, my Bible pages had it.  
As my relationship with God grew, my battle with insecurity did too. I didn’t know WHO God said I was. If a boy called me fat, I believed him. If someone ignored me, I believed I was forgotten. If a friend didn’t text me back, I believed I was too annoying. My mindset was built on lies. Just what the enemy wanted. 
But what the enemy tried to use against me for evil, my God used it for good. 
The moment I began to build my life on God’s truth & combat the enemies lies with what my God said, was the moment my battle became a sweet victory. I no longer listened to the lies of the enemy, because I knew what God’s truth was. 
Whenever the world sent me messages of: 

You aren’t loved, you are a mistake, you aren’t beautiful, you are forgotten, no one cares about you, you’re just another human & you’re not special… 

God’s message to me overruled the enemy by saying.. 

you ARE loved (Romans 8:38-39

you were created on purpose & for a purpose (Jeremiah 1:5) 

you are handcrafted perfectly by your Father (Song of Songs 4:7) 

you are not forgotten (Psalm 139:17-18) 

you are cared for by God (Matthew 6:25-34) 

you were created uniquely (Psalm 139:14) 
Here are some key tips on how I fought & continue to walk in freedom in my battle with insecurity….. 

          Ways to combat insecurity 

(1.) God’s word. KNOW who He says you are & whose He says you are. Memorize or  write verses of who God says you are, on notecards & hang them in your room, on your mirror, or behind your door before you walk out of your room…. what you see is what you think about… so if you see truth you will think about truth. 
(2.) Prayer. If I don’t start my morning with prayer, my day is completely off course & I lose my focus so easily. I must start my morning with prayer simply because, it sets the course for my entire day. Several things I pray that help me combat insecurity are these: 

  • Fill my mind with the knowledge of who I am & whose I am
  • Clothe me in your armour from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet so I can resist any attacks from the enemy
  • Help me not to determine what I believe based on my feelings, but let me be grounded in God’s word.  
  • Don’t let it be all about me, but all about you, Jesus. 

(3.) Encourage others. 

Knowing the battle of insecurity, whenever I see someone else walking this battle, I want them too to know there is victory! Anytime I am bullied or talked about, I know that this is a direct result of insecurity or jealousy.. & I choose to pray for that person. I know that I would have wanted someone to pray for me. Another thing, is whenever someone around me says something that’s a lie, “I’m so fat.. no one likes me… I’m just weird.” I make sure to combat that back with truth. “Oh no girl! You’re not fat, you are perfectly made by Jesus & He says there’s no flaw in you. (Song of Songs 4:7)” 

“Oh no! I like you! & Jesus loves you! SO MUCH, He chose to die for you! You are so special.” 

I do receive weird looks & sometimes people with talk about me even more because I use scriptures, but I know that I would have wanted truth spoken to me when I was at my weakest moments. 
Insecurity still attacks, but I no longer jump back because I hate surprises. Now I tackle every surprise attack with a verse, a prayer & only with God fighting for me, did I find my victory. I can’t wait to watch you find yours too. 

You are more than a conqueror. ~ Romans 8:37. 

You can do ALL things through Christ. ~ Philippians 4:13 

6 thoughts on “Masked // Finding Freedom From Insecurity 

  1. Rose, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your testimony. I can relate to much…. the enemy placed many lies in my life, and they stuck hard from someone who meant a lot to me…. and I believed them. It can be easy to be surprised- and then let those lies shut you down. But God is BIGGER! Yahweh is stronger than any lie Satan can try and hold us down with. 🙂
    I love your 3 way to combat insecurities. 🙂 It is so amazing to see how different you see life, when you start seeing it through God’s eyes! Reading the Bible daily has helped me so much… and beginning and ending the day with prayer, as you said, sets it all up! 😀 And encouraging… yes. Sometimes, it feels almost awkward to encourage others and reference Yahweh…. but then, I remember that song. ‘Will I blush to say His Name?’ Yahweh tells us to be lights, and you don’t hide lights under baskets. 😉
    Thank you for this, Rose. God bless you!!

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