Truly Beautiful Ministries ~ 1 Year Anniversary 

Oh my goodness gracious!!! Guess what sweet world changers!! *drumroll please*…. a year ago TODAY I started my blog!!! 

Man oh man, my God is too cool. When he lays dreams on your heart, follow Him because He has such great plans to accompany those dreams! I always dreamed of starting a blog… but never would have imagined it would develop into Truly Beautiful Ministries. This has been such a beautiful year of growth & sharing things my sweet Savior has taught my heart with you sweet friends of mine. 
To celebrate my one year blog anniversary, I am so excited to announce Truly Beautiful Ministries now has an email you can contact me through! || 
Not only has God led me over the past year to start a blog…. but also a YouTube channel [ Truly Beautiful ], an Instagram page [ @worthmorethang0ld ] & another ministry ~ Lovely Letters! [ Instagram: @letters.lovely ] 
Thank you to all my blogging & world changing friends for reading my posts, commenting & liking! You are all so encouraging & are truly changing the world! 

Happy one year blogiversary! 


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