This Is Love 

” The world takes us to a silver screen on which flickering images of passion & romance play & as we watch the world says, ‘this is love.’ God takes us to the foot of a tree on which a naked & blooded man hangs & says, ‘this is love.’ ” ~ Joshua Harris ♡ [ i john 4:8 ]

When we give our whole hearts to Jesus, not only does he securely protect & guard it, he transforms it into something even more beautiful than before. He loves us like no man can… As Jesus was being beaten, mocked, betrayed, denied & crucified… HE SAW YOU… and said “you ARE worth it all.” whenever you feel unloved.. remember these truths: 

  • } you can run into God’s arms unashamed because there you are met by perfect love. 
  • } you are pursued daily by the King of Kings. 
  • } you were created on purpose & for a purpose. 
  • } God loves you in your darkest but loves you so much, He draws you into His marvelous light. 
  • } you are saved by amazing grace & His love is not defined by the mistakes you’ve made |<3| 

{{ LOVE }} The epitome of Jesus. He is love. His love is not defined by people, circumstances, races, skin colors, callings, pasts, mistakes, habits, or addictions. ♡♡ Romans 8:38-39 ~ His love can never be separated from you. His love is not defined by time, for it is everlasting ~ Jeremiah 31:3. 

{{ Tomorrow is a blank page of your story in which God is writing with His pen of love. }}

Everyday He has ordained & He loves you SO much.. He lets every plan He has for you prosper you… and not harm you ~ Jeremiah 29:11. Rest in His love today, sweet friends. You are ALL so loved. 


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