Future Husband (Part 4) || Purity 

The one thing that I hear often from young people who say they live in regret over something they’ve done, regards maintaining purity in a relationship. 

God places purity as an important & vital part of our relationship with Him. If our minds aren’t purified daily & if we do not ask God to forgive us, we cannot move forward in our relationship with Him. Matthew 5:8 says only the pure in heart shall see God…. to one day live in Heaven with Jesus, we must be pure, holy & set apart. This means resisting any ungodly form of media, pictures, thoughts & books. 

A personal conviction of mine a few months ago, was to completely cut out all romance books. (Christian or non-Christian). I realized that as I read those books, I began to compare my life to those in the books & I was easily discontent with the consecrations I had made to God & guidelines I had set for myself. 

If you struggle with impure thoughts, especially regarding guys, cut out ALL forms of impurity. This can mean unfollowing certain people on social media, quit watching the latest romance or to quit reading romance novels. The outcome will far outweigh the sacrifice… and by taking these simple steps.. you will watch as you dwell on good & lovely things as Philippians 4:8 says.

  • I recommend the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris… this book demonstrates how important purity is in many ways… as well as teaches us how to have Godly relationships. SO SO GOOD. 

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