Future Husband (Part 3) || Friendships 

One of the biggest questions I receive regarding guys are ones like these: 

How can I be friends with guys but not give my heart away to them? I want to be friends with guys but I’m always afraid i’ll start liking them or give pieces of my heart away. Can you help me? 

I want to give you three steps to encourage you to protect your heart & not give your heart away to guys while still being their friend. 

(1.) Do not let them determine your worth… this applies to any person in any relationship/friendship/etc…. your source of confidence & security should come directly from the one that will never leave nor forsake you, Jesus. No matter if you are married, engaged, in a relationship, pursuing one, just friends or haven’t even talked to a guy, no one should hold the opportunity to determine your worth. ONLY Jesus should hold this place in your heart. 

(2.) Don’t place your guy friend… as your best friend. This was something I learned from my sweet Mama who shared some advice with me one afternoon. She said the moment we allow a guy to be the one we tell everything to, is the moment we’re set on a road to destruction. (Please note this pertains to guy friendships…. not relationships…. I believe married man & wife should be very best friends:)) When we open up our whole heart to a guy we only consider a friend… we are giving pieces away. We become attached… and this isn’t good if you are trying to keep a Godly friendship with Christ at the center. 

(3.) Don’t flirt or seek attention. This is a big one. I know so many girls who played with young men’s emotions without serious commitment, just for attention. 


Flirting does this. It puts any guys attention & focus on yourself & not one the one He should be looking to: God

So there ya have it:) 3 steps to being ONLY friends with guys & saving your heart for the right one. Now let me say something real quick… sometimes it doesn’t work out. Sometimes a guy friend may like you back, he may lead you on, he may seem like “the one” and he’s really not… I know this from experience. That’s why we must keep our hearts placed in God’s hands & continue to let Him renew & recreate us… so He can lead us to the one He’s created us for. 

(End of Part 3) 


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