Future Husband (Part 2) || Prayer + List

(Continuation of Future Husband Part 1) 

After the experience with these boys, my mom was my biggest encourager & supporter. She always spoke wisdom into my life & was my shoulder to cry on. A few weeks later, she called me into her office. “Abby, I was watching a video today. It was of a lady talking about how she prayed for her future husband. I thought you might be interested. I also found this blog… they talk a lot about that topic too.” God used my mom in that moment to bring me to point number 2… Pray for your future husband. He is a human being just like you & me. He may be having a bad day too. God has a plan for him too. He may be struggling too. Notice my usage of the word TOO. I realized that just like I needed prayer, he did too. He was actually someone out there and he was worth praying over & waiting for. I realized to truly love my future husband, I must pray for him even before I knew him. 

I pray for my future husband daily. I pray for him specifically with my list (which I will talk about in a minute) once a week… and then pray for him every morning when I wake up & night as I go to bed. I’ve never been one to spend every minute of every day with my thoughts on my future husband. I know that marriage or a relationship is not where God wants me in this season of life, so although I pray deeply & daily for my future husband, he’s not the obsession of my heart.. that’s who Jesus should be. 

Now onto the list. 

Here is where your personal convictions come in. I know many people who’ve prayed over lists and God has given their future husband every single quality they’ve prayed over. I also know people who believe it’s almost a sin to own a list (I’m not in this category.) 

I believe lists are a wonderful way to pray for character qualities in my future husband, and a great way to pray for these qualities in myself. 

Some things on my list that I pray over are: 

  • Patience 
  • Godliness 
  • Strong leadership skills 
  • A heart for ministry 
  • Hardworking 
  • Selfless 
  • An encourager 
  • A lover of God’s word 
  • Puts God first 

And many other things! Every time I pray over this list I also pray God will develop these in my heart too. Goodness gracious, I know I need to work on so many things on this list! 

I also pray over him with prayers such as: protect his mind from any lustful thoughts, protect his eyes from any impurity, and protect his ears from listening to anything that doesn’t bring you glory. Place Godly leaders in his life to speak wisdom & train him up. Create in him talents that he can use for your glory. 

By praying over him, I am offering him the purest form of love there is. It also encourages me to refer back to point 1 often… to save my heart. I know that because I’m praying for a man with these qualities, I will wait for a man with these qualities. (Of course, there will never be a perfect man… only a man after God’s heart!) 

(End of Part 2)


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