Future Husband (Part 1) || Save Your Heart

I came to the realization tonight, that of all the things I write to encourage you sweet ladies through Truly Beautiful ministries, I skipped something so so very important.

I receive messages daily of young ladies asking for advice about guys… and just for encouragement altogether to wait for “the one.” 

I want to answer a few questions & give you ladies some encouragement to see from my perspective. I pray your heart is opened to His truth as you read. 
As an eleven year old girl, you come to the age where guys don’t have “cooties” anymore & they’re actually kinda cute…. (might I add that I never actually once thought guys had cooties, I’ve grown up my whole life with brothers, boy cousins & never even played with girls as a child! Hehe ;)) but anyways…. I was at this age where guys weren’t just “playmates” but they were actually kind of cute… I noticed them wayyyyy more than I use to.. in a totally different way. 

I want to share a personal story with you, because I want you to see how God can use a deep hurt to reveal an even bigger plan He has in store. 

Well, back to being eleven. This was the year I was finally old enough to audition for my youth’s praise team. I’ve always sang at school performances… but this was the first time I was going to audition to sing. I was nervous, but mostly excited. As I lined up to audition, along with several other students, I couldn’t help thinking that the guy I once had a crush on was in that room and would hear me sing. Better make this good, I thought to myself. 

“Hey aren’t you the girl who likes *insert crushes name here*?” I turned around to see a boy, about two years older than me who had asked the question. “Ughhh…” before I could even finish he said “you were the girl! He use to like you too. I remember him talking about you.” 

“HER?!? No way… you’re lying. He would never like a girl like.. HER!” This came from a young guy, also behind me in line who had heard the conversation. 

Now comes the point in the story where I am near tears & completely crushed. I am super red, not mentioning the fact I’m about to go sing in front of the guy they had been talking about. 

“Abby Rose “… I turned around as I heard my name being called. I was up next. GREAT. I collected my emotions, put a smile on my face & walked in the room, ready to sing. The judge was a nice lady who immediately welcomed me. Then there he was. Right there. Right in front of me. “You can sing now..” Ready or not (more like not) here we go…. 

Verse 1… you got this. Pretty good so far. 

First line of chorus… you’ve got th…. nope. You don’t. 

Don’t get me wrong, I was okay as far as the singing went.. okay until my crush started making fun of me. Yes… you read that right. He was sitting in the back, pointing & laughing at me with the same guy who had said he would never like me. Broken heart x2… 

Now I say all this to say that… from your deepest pains come the biggest lessons & changes. This is my story. The story of how I learned to guard my heart & save it for the right one. 

No I didn’t “give my heart away” to this guy… but that day I learned that I must find someone who valued me. Someone who cherished me like my oh so sweet Savior did. 

So my point number 1 is: place your heart in God’s hands & He will place it in the hands of the man He created for you. Save your heart… don’t give away pieces to any guy who “goes to church” or “reads his bible”. Save it for the Godly man who puts protecting your purity as a priority, puts God first & serves others. Wait for this man. 

(End of part 1) 


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