My Heart’s Desire 

Sports. Relationships. Friends. Pleasures. Drugs. Alcohol. Gambling. Social media. Sin. Food. Partying. Pornography. Popularity. These can all be things we try to fill the empty hole in our hearts with. A relationship with a guy because your father left you and you feel unworthy of love. Self harming because you’re tired of feeling worthless inside and want an escape. Drinking because it makes you forget for a while how horrible your life is. Social media likes and comments because you live in insecurity daily. 

All of these are different things… yet all tied back to the same thing… we are desperate to be satisfied with SOMETHING. SOMETHING that makes us feel whole, complete, free, safe & secure. SOMETHING that makes our life meaningful and tells us we have worth. SOMETHING that makes us wake up in the morning with a smile and go to sleep at night in joy. SOMETHING that anchors our soul to a firm foundation and SOMETHING that satisfies our souls. We are ALL searching for the same thing. No matter who we are, no matter what we’ve done, no matter where we are…. we are ALL searching for…. JESUS. Healer of our soul. Sustainer of our heart. Fulfiller of every desire. In HIM, all darkness feels. In HIM, all chains are gone. In HIM, we find freedom, healing, safety, wholeness, redemption, atmosphere shaking LOVE. In HIM, we find everything our soul desires. ~ The only one who can satisfy the human heart, is the one who made it. ~ & he made yours… he intricately designed every single part of your being with love & intentional purpose. Because YOU have purpose. YOU are loved. YOU are died for. YOU are HIS child and NOTHING can separate you from His unconditional love that endures forever and ever. ♡♡


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