Happily Ever After? 

We all know the classic story of Cinderella, her Prince Charming & of course, the happily ever after to conclude the beautiful story. But what happens, when it seems as though God has forgotten to write your love story? When we look around and see beautiful written stories, only to glance at our own and see doubt, confusion, hurt, waiting, waiting and waiting? 

Don’t stay stuck in your chapter of being locked in a dungeon waiting for Prince Charming…. you’ve already been saved by the King of Kings. 

We become discontent when we try to jump into happily ever after…. forgetting that the chapters of our story that are the most beautiful are the seasons of singleness and growing. 

We cannot become who God has called us to be, if we spend so much time searching for Prince Charming.  You don’t receive your crown the moment you find your Prince. You’ve had it from the beginning of time, for you are a daughter of the King. 

So what if God doesn’t seem to be writing a love story for you right now? 

Sit back. Take a sigh of relief. 

You are already living the greatest love story EVER. The story of an empty and sinful girl locked away in a dungeon of Satan’s power, saved by a man wearing a crown of thorns. Worth dying for. Called beautiful. This is who he says YOU are. 

This is YOUR love story. 

(Spoiler alert… this story ends with Happily Ever After) 😉 


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