A Story For God’s Glory 

God has created each person like a snowflake, original and crafted by His hands. We are all different… we have likes and dislikes, different families and different hobbies… different pasts and different futures. Different callings and different passions. Because we are all different, we will have different stories for our lives. But we all have one thing in common with our stories, they are meant for God’s glory. 

  In Exodus 3, we find Moses at a burning bush which was the Lord speaking to him. Just a recap of Moses, he isn’t even suppose to be alive. At the time of Moses being a baby, the KIng called for all the baby boys to be murdered.. Moses being one. Through a miracle, Moses survived but we see him a few verses later kill an Egyptian. Not only was he not even supposed to be alive, he was now a murderer. But that didn’t stop God from having an amazing story for Moses’ life. In chapter 3 of Exodus, God begins to call Moses to do something amazing for His glory.. but before God does, he asks something of Moses. Verse 5 says, ” don’t come any further.. take off your shoes.. you are standing on Holy ground.” Sometimes, to go where God has called us to go, we must take off some shoes that are hindering us from running this race with endurance. These shoes can be pride, insecurity, jealousy, unforgiveness, anger and addiction. These shoes will weigh us down, we feel as though we can never do anything for God because they are so heavy. But today God is calling you to take off your heavy shoes and stand on holy ground, because He has a purpose for YOU. 
   Later on God continues to call Moses to do amazing things, and Moses begins to doubt God. I can totally relate to Moses here… so many times i feel God calling me to do something and i doubt.. i doubt he will give me the words, the strength, the courage, the help and the opportunity. One of my favorite quotes says, ” God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.” When God calls you to something, don’t worry if you’re qualified or not, trust that God will work through you, to turn your story into a message for His glory. 
  No matter our doubts, past, sins, struggles or heavy shoes, God still has a story for us.. beyond what we could ever imagine. His plans are to prosper you.. to give you a hope and a future. So today let us leave behind our heavy shoes, trust He has a plan and watch as our stories become a message for God’s glory. 


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