The Story of The Princess Warrior 

Once upon a time…. in a faraway land where dragons and evil roamed the earth…. a beautiful princess was born. This princess was considered the fairest of them all…. she dwelt in beauty, danced in joy and spoke with grace. She always lived in hope, forgave even the meanest of stepmothers and loved the tiniest of mice. But one day…. a little ounce of insecurity, one glance in the mirror, one sleepless night, one unkind word spoke toward her…. corrupted the princesses’ heart. She believed one lie after another until the princess was left broken, confused and trapped inside the deepest and darkest dungeon. One day, a glimpse of hope came her way. She saw some light shine through the cracks in her weary soul. This light was freedom. Redemption. Healing. This light was JESUS. The man who had fought and won all the battles… who died to show her His love & rose again to be with her. She took one step toward the light and one step from the darkness. She was finally { f r e e }. Free from insecurity. Free from the lies of the enemy because the lies have no place when your mind is filled with God’s truth. Are you fighting battles today you can’t seem to win? Are you struggling to find purpose in even being on this earth? Because YOU dear, have been fought for & YOU, can be free. YOU are loved. YOU are the fairest of them all because Jesus lives inside you. Not let us go and show others this light that saved us…. they need freedom too. 


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