White As Snow 


Snow doesn’t usually happen where I live, so of course my siblings and I were overflowing with joy & had to run out and play in it!! 

As I was admiring how beautiful each snowflake was and how purely white it was… two truths came to my mind. 

(1.) because of Jesus, we are as white as this snow. 

  • { Though your sins are like scarlet I will make them as white as snow. } – Isaiah 1:18 

Even the deepest & darkest moments when it felt as though we were drowning in sin, his blood washed us completely clean. We are { N E W }, { W H O L E }, and completely { C L E A N } because of Jesus. 

And truth number 2 

(2.) Just like each snowflake, you are an individual. 

Just as Jesus created each snowflake beautiful original, He did the same with you. 

Your hair color, your eyes, your eyelashes, the way you walk & talk, your height…. the thing you hate most about yourself is what God absolutely loves. 

You are HIS { u n i q u e } creation, beautifully knitted together by His hands and made in His image. You are his masterpiece

I pray these truths resound in the depth of your heart tonight as your are reminded how beautiful & pure you are in God’s eyes! 🙂 


5 thoughts on “White As Snow 

  1. I LOVE this so much! I live in Colorado, and so you can imagine…we get snow! Lots of it!
    It’s so beautiful to see the world covered in a glittering white…the world looks pure. And just like you so elegantly stated, it’s just like our hearts.
    The pictures were so beautiful too; thank you for that lovely addition. 😊😍

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