Oh, Brother 

I am a sister to two boys that I have the genuine privilege of calling my brothers. 

What’s it like with boys in the house? 




And more mess. 

Some days I sigh and give up on trying to clean up after them. What’s the point? The messes just magically appear. 😉 

Besides being a sister, I am also the oldest. And along with being the oldest… I’m also super bossy. 

I tend to immediately try to take control in every situation and when things don’t go my way or my brothers don’t obey me… they immediately receive the end of my wrath. 

Lately, God has challenged me to a greater love & sacrifice. 

Instead of immediately reprimanding the boys for not picking up after themselves, what if I instead chose to make cleaning up a game? 

You like basketball? Here’s the hamper and here’s the dirty clothes! Let’s see who can make the most goals. 

Instead of ignoring my brother as he talks about the fort he just made outside, instead tell him how creative he is and how he was very smart to think of a tree stump for a stool. 

How is it so easy for me to love others, but the moment I come home I tend to neglect to love my siblings in the same way Jesus loves me? 

I encourage you, if you have siblings, to strive to love them, serve them & sacrifice for them in ways like never before. 
{ Take this challenge with me, sweet friends, and watch as God’s love can begin to change the way we love others. Even messy brothers. 😉 } 


6 thoughts on “Oh, Brother 

  1. Thank you for the encouragement!! I am the oldest too, with 6 brothers, and I am the same way, always getting super frustrated with them and trying to be in control. God is teaching me to be more patient too. God bless you, I will be praying for you 💗

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  2. I am the oldest in my family as well, and I too have brothers. It’s definitely difficult…especially when they’re yelling at one another, hitting, and just not getting along. You’ve a wonderful perspective on how to love them, though! You’re such an inspiration to me!

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