A Radiant Year.

2016 has been one crazy & joy-filled ride. But this year has been the most beautiful one I’ve lived. Not because this year was easy…. I suffered loss of a close family member, I’ve been bullied and talked about behind my back, people have left & betrayed my trust, I’ve been made fun of because of how much I talk about Jesus…. but here’s the best part: God was always there. He always provided the love, peace, joy, hope and confidence in Him that I needed. I was able to keep a smile on my face not because my circumstances were good, but because HE IS. { I have learned the secret to being content. Phil. 4:12 }

2016’s word was: RADIATE.

By the end of this year, I wanted to be joyful, no matter what and radiate from the inside out. This year was definitely challenging, there were tears, confusion, pain, anger, sadness, grief, jealousy, embarrassment, attacks from the enemy, selfishness… but through it all I have learned the secret. {Trust in the unchanging God, even in your constant changing circumstances.}

My word for 2017 is: PURPOSE.

I want to find purpose every moment of every day.


Here’s to a new year and the same awesome God who reigns!! He has plans to prosper you this year. You were born for {such a time as this}. 


5 thoughts on “A Radiant Year.

  1. You certainly were very radiant in 2016 & continue to be. 😉 I am truly inspired by how much joy naturally flows out of you & your face is always shining. I love that about you. Don’t ever be discouraged from talking about Jesus too much. Sometimes we don’t talk about Him enough.
    That’s one thing I love about your IG – you always have a Bible verse or something encouraging to say. You are constantly pointing others to Christ & that is truly beautiful. 💙
    So, so thankful we could me {via Pinterest + IG} and am looking forward to seeing how God uses the word PURPOSE in your life this year. ❤
    My word for 2017 is REAL. I'm seeking to be real {authentic}, to live in the moment, to "be all there" as jim elliot puts it. I did a blog post on it a couple days ago if you want to read about it. 🙂
    Prayers!! 💛

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    1. What a genuine joy it is to know you, my sweet pal & sister in Christ!!! :):) You are so encouraging & I absolutely love your heart that is in constant pursuit of God!! I love encouraging & being encouraged by you!!! I pray blessings and abundant joy into your 2017!! *hugs* ❤


  2. Hi I found this blog through Morgan Harper’s IG. I opened out of curiosity and immediately I saw the word “purpose” and was hooked to read. That is the word God gave me as well! As sister in Christ who is just a little older than you I just want to say thank you for this reminder that He really will get us through ANY storm ☔️
    Something that helps me in tough times is James 4:8: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” 💛 I say this to encourage you that you’re on the right path and your words matter and our appreciated. 🙌

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