Where I Belong 

{{ My whole life I’ve searched for a place to call home, when the whole time YOU were my home. }} 

This world is not my home. 

I do not belong in: 

• friends 

• relationships 

• my job or career 

• this world…. 

I belong in Jesus and his presence alone, because only there am I fully satisfied and my cup is daily overflowed. 

I pray that my hearts cry and only desire is to see Jesus one day, and I live with my eyes set on the one, true, eternal goal. 

My joy is not found in: 

• my family 

• my relationships 

• my dreams 

• the grades in a grade book 

• the score on the score board 

My joy is found in Jesus, because he’s the one who is pure joy. 

Take a journey with me, sweet friends, to fall deeper in love and find your place, in Jesus. 

You are HIS.

With abundant joy, 



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