Remaining Focused This Holiday Season 

Hi everyone! This is a guest post from my sweet friend, Caitlyn from Salt and Light Blog! Go check her beautiful blog out and I pray this post encourages you! 🙂 { } 

Oh, December. It’s one of my favorite months in the year! The weather gets cooler, meaning I can cozy up in my house, fuzzy socks, tea, Bible, and all.

However, December is not most people’s favorite month. Stress is a big part of this time of year. This time of year where we’re trying to focus on how Jesus came to earth for us, suddenly full of stress, hustle, and bustle. How can we possibly remain focused during this time of year? How can we choose to make time for Jesus when our schedules are full?

First off, I want to encourage you all to make sure you have time with Jesus EACH DAY. I started purposefully doing this about a year ago, and chose to do it after I wake up each morning. It takes commitment. But please trust me, choosing to spend time with your King each day helps put your life into perspective! It helps in every single way imaginable. Even if it’s just a 20 minute time of praise/prayer and Bible study, it’s worth it! Don’t just fit Jesus into your schedule – let your time with Him be a priority.

Second, I want to encourage you to cast your cares on Him. 1 Peter 5:7 (one of my favorite verses ;)) says this: Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. WHen you feel the craziness of this season causing stress in your heart and mind, cry to Jesus. This is a reason why spending time with Him each day is so important. YOu can lift up your problems to Him and He will be faithful to help you through. Trust me, casting your cares and laying down your burdens is so freeing. After laying down your cares, choose joy. This is so vital! You can live either one of these ways. #1 is this: letting stress make you have anxiety and worry and being sad all the time. #2 is to cast your cares on your King who cares for you immesurably and then praising. CHoosing joy when you feel like there’s none. Choose to be jolly this holiday season and beyond! Remember who your God is adn that He is so so faithful! You can wear a smile always if you meditate on these simple truths!!

Next, I cannot encourage you more to be outward focused this time of year (and all time). Don’t just think about yourself and your wants. Volunteer at a nursing home. Make cookies for your neighbor. Carol at a hospital. Purposely pray and search how you can reach out to others in your community. Reaching out and blessing others is something that is always worth your time. It reminds us of what truly matters.

Lastly I want to remind you all of something. Remember that only what we do for Jesus will matter in the end. Therefore, getting stressed over the holidays is not worth your time! God is in control, my wonderful friends, and He knows what He’s doing! Spend time in God’s presence. Praise HIm and choose joy. Purposely reach out to others. Spend your time serving your amazing and wonderful King. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of this holiday season get you down. Your God is good! He is with you!


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