Found It ALL

This year….

I have known loss. 

I have known heartbreak. 

I have known insecurity. 

I have been bullied. 

I have been talked about behind my back. 

I have been ‘crushed’ by guys I liked. 

I have been confused about what I believed. 

I have told myself I wasn’t enough. 

I have told myself I would never be enough. 

I have known jealousy. 

I have known public humiliation. 

I have known sadness. 

I have cried tears. 

I have {almost} given up. 

But this year… 

I have found my worth in Christ. 

I have known the Father’s grace. 

I have been forgiven repeatedly. 

I have been called to a purpose. 

I have cried from so much laughter. 

I have spent hours talking to God & letting him speak to me. 

I have taken bold steps. 

I have found PURPOSE. 

I have showed others their purpose. 
I left it all, to follow Christ. 

And this, my friends. 


Is the best decision I’ve made. 
Come with me, in reckless abandon, to follow Jesus too. 

Leave it all behind. 

When I followed, I found worth. Love. Joy. Peace. Strength. Redemption. Truth. Hope. 

When I followed Jesus, I left it ALL. But what I came to know, is I didn’t leave it all. 


Because every thing I need, is found in HIM. 


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