Sufficient For Me 

So…. I feel like a failure. I’m just not good enough. 

Here I am again… Being a failure by saying I’m a failure. Right? 
Here is an example of the day I plan out in my mind: 

Wake up at 6:30 for prayer time. 

Read 3 chapters in my bible & share what God taught me on social media. 

Write a blog post. 

Make breakfast for myself while I listen to some Christian music. 

Start school & make sure to study extra hard. 

After school, write some letters to a friend. 

Read that Christian book everyone is saying is so good. Oh… And don’t forget to take notes so you can write a book review on the blog too. 

Make a YouTube video. 

Spend an hour with Jesus. 

Spend time with my family. 

Go to bed talking to Jesus. 
That’s a great list… But what happens when life isn’t… well… SO PERFECT. 

What happens when I stayed up too late the night before & wake up at 7:00? 

What happens when I don’t have time to write a blog post or make a YouTube video? 

What happens when I burn my pancakes & we’re out of syrup? 

Here’s my answer. 

The answer I tell myself. 

Answer: I’m not good enough. 
I need to be BETTER. 

Wake up on time. 

Make time for everything. 

Worry about being the BEST. 

Oh & one more thing… You can’t fail. 

You’re not a good Christian if you fail. 

God won’t love you if you fail. 

You can’t fulfill your purpose if you fail. 

You have to be perfect. 
This is the mindset I’ve lived in for years. 

I’m just not enough if I fail or mess up. 

People are watching me. 

I have to be strong. 

I have to be perfect. 

So I kept trying…. 

& trying… & trying… 

I pushed myself to do my very best… & left no room for grace. 

My mindset of perfection took up all the room. 
But oh what a wonderful savior we serve! 

He reached down in the middle of my hurt & confusion & said “Daughter. Come to me. I am all you need. My grace is sufficient for you. It’s okay to make mistakes because they reveal my grace to others.” 
I’m learning to say goodbye to perfection. 

His grace is ENOUGH for me. 

Even if I don’t make a good grade on my test, I can still tell someone how beautiful they look because God made them in his image. 

Even if I do burn my pancakes, I can praise God that I don’t have to go hungry because he has blessed me with more food in my fridge. 

Even if I forget to finish a report, I can feel God’s peace resting in my heart by just knowing His love & grace is enough. 
I am not perfect. 

But I know the one who is. 

I will fail. A LOT. 

But his grace is sufficient for me. 

Because of Jesus, I can be free from perfection. 

[ 2 Corinthians 12:9 ] 

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that thepower of Christ may rest upon me.
~ Rose 


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