Free Indeed 

I once knew a girl who was a prisoner. 

She was in Satan’s prison cell. 

Day by day she was bound by her filth, shame & regret. 

She wanted to be free again, but she didn’t know how. 

One day, a little bit of light shown through the cracks in the walls. 

With those rays, came a little bit of hope. 

The girl stood up. 

She was tired of living in filth. 

She found strength & took a step. 

One step of hope, strength & faith was all it took. 

She was at the prison door. 

Turning back she saw shame, guilt, heartbreak, pain, filth & bondage. 

Turning back around, she saw….

  • Light
  • Redemption
  • Grace

Reaching out to touch the door, it creaked and moved a little. As she pushed it, it moved a little bit more. And more. And more. Until the door was fully open. 

All these years of living in the prison cell, bound by Satan, she had never taken a step to realize the door had always been open. 

Stepping out of the cell, she left behind the past regrets and sins and was covered in light, love, redemption and freedom. 

She was FREE


But that’s not the end of her story…. 

She looked around to see girls and boys just like her… Living in a dark prison cell, bound by sin and shame. 

Now it was her turn to bring the light to their prison cells & show them… One step away from darkness, is one step toward light. 

This is a story of a girl who found freedom. 

Are you bound in a prison cell today? 

All it takes is one step out of darkness and into God’s marvelous, freeing, redemption light. 

  • John 8:36 “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” 

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