I’m In Love 

Today I declared: I’m in love. 
He’s pursued me since before I can remember. 

He promised he will never leave me and he never has. 

He comforts me with sweet words of joy and peace. 

He constantly tells me of his love for me that will never end. 

I’m in love. 

Deeply in love. 

I’m in love with a man who gave his life for me. 

He didn’t have to, he chose to. 

Because he loves me. 

How can I not love him with everything in me? 

If you’re wondering…. 

His name is JESUS. 

& he died for you too. 

He loves you too. 

He will never leave or forsake you. 

He tells you of his love for you. 

He pursues you. 

He loves your flaws. 

He wants to know you intimately. 

Will you fall in love with him too as I have? 

Because he’s already fallen in love with you. 

~ Rose 


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