Life Update// Rose 

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve written– I’m so sorry, I just haven’t found the time to write with my crazy, busy, beautiful, oh-so-wonderful life. Lately, God’s been showing me so many things & today I want to share some with you all. 
One of the biggest things he’s taught me has been a direct result of a major catastrophe that has happened only about an hour or two from where I live. The state of Louisiana has suffered deeply by the effects of major flooding. I’m simply thanking God that the town I lived in wasn’t affected, but many people I know & love were. 

Through this, I’ve seen God’s strength in these people. Even though most have lost everything they own, some even family members and friends, they are still praising God. 

I’ve also seen God’s love & compassion shown through the many rescue teams & volunteer crews. People halt their lives & jobs to come help & serve the people in devastation. This is SO beautiful in God’s eyes. 
A beautiful lesson God has been teaching me, is gratefulness. 

Instead of complaining because I have a large pile of clothes to fold, God’s been saying “Hey! Be thankful you have clothes to wear.” 

Instead of being upset because I have to clean up after dinner, God’s been saying “Hey! Be thankful you had good food to eat.” 

Even in the hard times, I’m learning to be grateful because my God has promised to never leave me or forsake me & he is with me wherever I go. 

Over the past few days, God’s been revealing himself to me through unexplainable peace. He’s showing me, he is the calm in the midst of my storm. He is drawing me out onto the waters, to build my faith so I can grow in Him. 
Also, just started Kisses From Katie for the third time. Totally recommend this book to everyone. It will radically change your life & view on serving others. 

Words honestly can’t describe the wonderful things God has shown & revealed to me. It’s so wonderful to be able to know such a loving Father & King who always knows what’s best for us. 
~ Rose 


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