Confidence Checklist 

Confidence doesn’t come in the right outfit. 

Confidence doesn’t come in having lots of friends. 

Confidence doesn’t come in being beautiful. 

Confidence doesn’t come in “being used” by God the “most”. 

True confidence comes in knowing who you are in Christ. It comes in saying no to the lies of the enemy and yes to the truth of God. People with true confidence don’t back down in the middle of a fight, but stand their ground knowing God is fighting for them. True confidence is relying on God to care for your every need & more. 
I know personally people who I thought were secure in who they were and had perfect lives, when I really got to know them & their story, I was speechless. They were just like me. They had the same struggles, same problems, same worries, same stress, etc…. 

I learned their confidence didn’t come by having a perfect life or being accepted or considered beautiful, but rather because they know who they are in Christ. 
Today I’m making a new checklist. 
The old checklist: 

{How to be confident} 

Be beautiful 

Be popular 

Be accepted everywhere I go 

Be the “perfect” size 

Be the girl with “all the boyfriends” 

Wear the best clothes and all the styles 

Do what everyone else is doing 

Spoiler alert: I can’t check any of those off of my checklist. 

New checklist: 

{How to be confident} 

Know I am loved deeply by my creator 

Know that God has plans to prosper and not to harm me 

Know I am created for a reason & purpose for such a time as this 

Know my God is fighting for me 

Know that my value to God is far worth more than any riches this world could have 
Spoiler alert: I CAN check all of these off of my checklist. 

What’s your confidence checklist? 


6 thoughts on “Confidence Checklist 

  1. I really loved this post, Rose! Wow, it really made me stop and think. This is definitely something that i’ve been pondering a lot lately. So many people seem to be so confident, but if that is all just a mask to cover insecurity and fear, it’s not worth it. That’s why I want to find my true confidence in God, because without Him life is pretty much awful. He is so good ❤ I love this post!!


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