Comparison: The Thief of Joy

Comparison. It’s the thief of joy…. many days of my life trying to look like her, be like her, act like her, speak like her….. she’s so perfect. Everyone loves her. Why can’t i be her? ” because you AREN’T her ” Jesus whispered to me. you are YOU. { adored. loved. free. saved. forgiven. chosen. called. redeemed. } Why would you try to be anyone but yourself? I created you & ordained you & called you. I have a purpose for YOU. 

It was until i began to lose joy when I realized the trap i was falling in. Satan wanted me to try to be like others, to think i wasn’t loved or wanted, to lose my joy. That’s when I realized my joy must come from the Lord. How beautiful is it, that Jesus loves me for me? He wants ME. A broken, hurt, sinful, confused & lost girl. He chose me. Called me. Redeemed me. 

So no more comparison. Because i’ve learned that comparison will KILL you & who you are. You are made for a reason & designed for a purpose. Seeking to be anyone other than yourself can ruin the person God created you to be. 

Comparison, you’ve been in my life too long. Now i’m saying goodbye. goodbye to trying to be “perfect like her” & hello to being “imperfect like me”. 



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